‘Twas the night before chaos…

About 2 years ago, I packed up shop in Canberra and headed for suburban Melbourne for a few months while I dabbled in fantasy and fairy tale as a visiting academic at Monash and had riotous fun with the ineffable Gidgetknits, with whom I managed to have more riotous fun in the South Island this time last year. In fact, I’m going to be taking a Ninja Sheep with me on this next adventure, but more on that later. When I have photos. Anyway, when I left the ACT, I left behind a bunch of lovely ladies from the ‘Gong and Sydney that would flit through the capital from time to time. I get to see said ladies in a little under 24 hours, and needless to say, after months of plotting and planning, I’m very excited.

I’ve packed. My knitting projects are sorted. I know where my passport is. My music is loaded and my phone charged. All that’s left is a 2:45am start. (why yes, it is 11 at night, thanks for noticing). I never sleep well before flying, so I may as well join DrK in her buoyancy and anticipation of a great weekend with the ladies. There will be knitting. Oh my yes. And pop culture, literature, rugby, Buffy, dogs, beaches, fancy shmancy hotels and laughter. Of this I have no doubt.

It’s been a year too long, but no time is better than the present. You see, when I left Melbourne for home, it was with the intent to not return to Aus until I submitted. And there was the unspoken I wasn’t going to leave NZ unless to travel or visit others tacked onto that declaration which may have sealed the fate of some things as well as anything else. And so I haven’t left. I’ve settled, and I will travel and visit to my heart’s content, but I am now home. I’ve only been back once, and that was to consult at Museums Victoria and pack my worldly goods. Of course, making yarn angels in my stash to demonstrate just how much I had was endless fun. But Sydney!

Sydney. The city that reminds me so of Auckland or visa versa. I haven’t seen Sydney in about 3 years. I’m mildly curious to see if the people at the Lindt Cafe on St Martin’s Place remember me and my order (they did remarkably well for such a sporadic visitor when I did hold workshops there). Of course, I wasn’t blonde then. But it’ll be good to have one of their decadent dark hot chocolates again. And Kinokuniya… And the State Library – I love the NSW State Library – it’s beautiful. We’re going to be at Customs House on the Saturday, before heading out to Homebush to hopefully watch the Tahs and Brumbies make a game of it… I’ve always been a Melbourne snob. I adore Melbourne. So I’m curious to see what I think of Sydney now. All I know is I’m really not looking forward to enduring any time in the international terminal. *shudders*

But the readiness is all. And I should at least attempt to doze before getting up to wait for a shuttle in the middle of the coldest night we’ve had here. At least my Stockholm is done, and smooshy. I can’t wait to wear it.

I’ll see ya’ll on the otherside (of the ditch).

A blurry photo of my flight entertainment...


  1. One more sleep, one more sleep….travel safe, can’t wait to see you. It’s been way too long.

  2. Have a wonderful visit with your lovely friends. Particularly excellent reading material there!!!

  3. I’ve been enviously reading about your reunion trip. I feel your (and drk’s ) excitement leaping off of the page.

    And I agree with your choice of inflight entertainment. Bill Bryson is wonderful. If you haven’t read his At Home, it’s really good. Now I’ll have to look at the one you have. I was an English major.

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