The countdown has begun…

… this time next week, I’ll be somewhere between Sydney and the ‘Gong, thawing out of after watching the Brumbies play the ‘Tahs, and catching up with DrK, whom I haven’t seen in close on 2 years now, and I’m very excited to be spending time with. She’s been an absolute rock, even with the distance, and I’m really looking forward to a weekend of knitting, rugby, and adventures.

I’ve really missed the Sydney Ladies, and I’m looking forward to meeting some others I’ve been following for a long time. Much has happened in the two years since I left the ACT, and seen some of these people. Amongst other things, a puppy was acquired, and a wee young man welcomed into the world, who has just turned one. And I may just be lucky enough to meet both.

With the single-minded determination to finish “something to show off” at the Sydney Guild’s WWKIP day as Ailsa recommended, I’m about 7 repeats away from finishing my Stockholm Scarf, and one week away from crossing something else of the bucket list. It currently looks a little like this…

My Malabrigo mother-of-pearl Stockholm Scarf

This is surprisingly true-to-colour… so you see how different those two balls are? Yep, that’s Malabrigo Silky Merino. It’s the same dye lot. This is why I was very good and decided to alternate rows. It hasn’t actually been too fiddly either. And it is gorgeously light and squishy. I have high hopes for the finished object, and can predict heavy use for it as well. I’m on the home stretch now, and hope to put a decent dent in the last few repeats while making my way through Futurama episodes on the morrow. All going well (hahaha), I should have it blocking on Wednesday night/Thursday to be bundled onto a plane and shown off on Friday. I’ve had comments on it everytime I’ve taken it to knit in public, including an awed flight attendant who actually didn’t confuse it with crochet, and knew what Malabrigo was. I was so impressed.

But other bits and pieces are in the works. I’m going to be doing to a spot as a one of the Special Librarians on the the Library Life – te rau ora site every now and again, as well as ducking along to the GLAM ideas factory tweetup on Tuesday and the NZ Koha Users Group next month. It’s all go in the land of librarianship, especially with ALA coming up and some lucky people going over to attend the chaos and carnage in New Orleans.

Speaking of my bucket list, I’ve always wanted to go to Prague… and Vienna, and Budapest, and Istanbul. Well. The oddest thing happened yesterday. My phone’s GPS decided that I had somehow manipulated time and space and was in Prague. The weather, the news, the sport… even my 4square – all for Prague. Don’t believe me? I got proof.

Bending Space and Time without a TARDIS

It was… infinitely amusing and immensely funny. I guess I can scratch that one off the list then, right? Not on your life. 🙂

And then this evening, I had a marvellous evening watching Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead for the fifth time. While Theatre of the Absurd is, well, absurd, this play is the right amounts of amusing and tragic, and the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in this production were possibly the best two I’ve seen perform the piece. There are some very challenging bits of tête-à-tête in the play that can be (and I have seen) mangled, which these two managed to pull off beautifully, without losing a beat, slurring or swallowing their words, or speaking too fast. Ah live theatre, I’ve missed you. But now it’s very early in the morning here, not that the people drag racing up Vic Street in the rain, or the drunkards singing outside my window would believe me, but I’m off to bed.

Maybe I’ll have an FO to show off next post. Who knows?
Toodle Pip.



  1. Oh those two balls are as different as could be, that was a smart move to alternate. It is lovely too.
    Wow, well done on being in Prague!!!

  2. Oh live theatre…I am jealous, especially since I haven’t seen that play before. I know, it’s criminal. Have a safe trip next week and have lots of fun.

  3. well sydney this weekend is not quite prague, but im pretty sure we’re going to have an AWESOME time. cant wait! and that mother of pearl is just stunning. cant wait to see in person.

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