and another thing…

… while I may not have recovered from my fangirl episode in the library when I found my Völuspá yesterday, the thrill is definitely still there (having spent the afternoon reading it). These guys knew how to tell a decent doomsday story. Seriously! It’s funny what you pick up on after the fact/out of the academic context. And on that note, I really, really need to get to Iceland some time. There are some valleys and places with really weird name-origin stories I have to see.

In knitting news, I have finally  have managed to get my head around my Stockholm Scarf. After *three* attempts. And it’s about frikking time. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo does not like to be frogged. No sirree, Bob. But I had an excellent game of rugby to listen to while having my eureka moment. DrK’s team may have been better on the day, but all the boys I have in my fantasy 15 did well. Cooper even decided to join the party (I was getting slightly concerned there). But I have 14-odd days (really) to get this scarf done and washed. It’s going to be awesome. All of it. Scarf, trip, actually watching a game live with DrK and not having to tweet-pong about it… Funny. I never used to miss Sydney. I guess I’ll remember why I didn’t when I get there.

And with that, the three ristrettos that have kept me functioning today have worn off, and (thank heavens), it seems that I may be blessed with quiet in the middle of the city tonight.

I just needed to have a quiet knitting celebration, and continue to be a nerdy Nordic literature fangirl. And to tell DrR that she rocks. Again. I’d forgotten about that fairy tale. Some dodgy medieval stuff there. And they wonder why your classes are so popular.

PS: The food show was… not that fantastic. The less said about it the better. The company was good though. That was a bonus.



    1. If by food you mean tourism stands, as-see-on-tv stalls and alcohol… then yeah. 🙂

  1. bugger about the food show. and just so we’re clear, im actually a waratahs supporter and NOT a fan of any queensland team, unless of course they are looking like beating any new zealand or south african team. and i am a fan of quade 🙂 cant wait for our big weekend!

  2. Aye, the classes with all the farts! I should really watch how I phrase that.

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