Putting my grand master plan into motion…

Remember, gentle reader, when I declared my boring? I was chastised quite soundly from all quarters for saying that – but I did say you’d think me silly. There was a caveat. But after my admission of being beige, I came up with this brilliant master plan, but I haven’t quite figured the last part out yet. Then I did something very un-boring: I deleted my Facebook account (still no withdrawal), and suddenly I was less stressed. Amazing. But that was not part of the grand master plan.

The grand master plan is, by the end of this year/beginning of next year/sometime this summer, to pick an outdoor activity to learn and master. But I’m not sure which one yet. Could be climbing, windsurfing, dragon boating, kayaking, diving, hang gliding… I don’t know. I’ve some time to figure this out. But in order to get to that point, I need to get fit. And yesterday, I put phase 2 into practice.

I’ve been back in the dance studio for a couple of months now, and I think it’s starting to show. I can definitely feel it, and now that I’m getting to the more technical stuff and having to work harder, and it’s becoming more fun. Also teaching the beginners is a surprising challenge, you become very mindful of technique and it helps refine your own style. So that is/was stage one. Start dancing again.

Stage two: pick up yoga again. There’s a yoga centre 200m from my front door. They practice astanga vinyasa yoga. Excellent. It’s all about position (read: stretching) and breathing (bingo!), and I had my first class yesterday. I’m now re-acquainted with several muscle groups I’d forgotten I have, but I am pleasantly surprised that the sun salute came back to me almost immediately. The yoga instructor is quite a character, so I’m looking forward to the next 6 weeks of re-learning all the asanas, and balancing dance and yoga before I implement stage three in about 2 months time. But more on that when I get there…

My theory is, by the summer I’ll have the strength, stamina, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic levels of fitness to pick any sport/outdoor activity and be able to enjoy it from the start… (This will be over and above the dancing/yoga/and everything else). I’m enjoying all this exercise. It’s just another way of applying yourself mentally and physically. And having the time to do it – great!

Of course, in saying that, this has been my first evening at home (as in – having nothing planned) in days. I’ve dealt with the necessities, of cooking/cleaning/ironing/washing/etc/etc (my definition of domestic, it appears, is slightly different to others). My beret is blocking (the 99% humidity is not helping), and the Stockholm Scarf has been frogged, recast on and restarted. The instructions are pretty vague, and from scouring the comments on Rav, I discovered I’m not the only person who has made this observation, and that I was stuck in the same place as several others, and have gone with the general consensus in the mods. If I can’t have my Old Port done, I want this done before Sydney. There’s a rugby match with my name on that I’m going to need to be wearing it to. (I miss State of Origin 2 by a few days. No matter, I can’t see my boys the Blues winning this year either…) So I’ll have a progress photo when there’s enough pattern to see. Which brings me to the Sydney dilemma. Ladies: what should I do? Bring a sock to finish? Bring sleeves to finish? Start something new? If that, then what? Decisions, decisions. As long as they let me knit on the plane… otherwise there will be hell to pay.

I have a lovely stack of librarians to train on the Koha ILS tomorrow – hope it goes well. I haven’t done this sort of facilitation in a wee while, and I may be a tad rusty. So fingers crossed it’s a good day.

Stay safe, and have a fantastic Friday, wherever you may be.



  1. Well, that’s certainly an un-beige set of goals!! fancy having a yoga centre that close!! I think blocking is worse than sewing up: there’s the thing, ready to wear but just b l o c k i n g which can be so slow!!

  2. i dont know where the time goes, i struggle with fitting in a walk with dogs every day, and id love to be doing something more than that. well i wouldnt love doing it, but i would love the good feeling. if you know what i mean. as for what to bring, socks are definitely a must, plus something to show off, like a shawl of some kind. TGIF, and hello, only 21 more sleeps!

  3. Well that does sound like a grand plan, go you!

    For knitting in public, wear something to show off and bring something easy to knit. That’s my approach, anyway!

  4. I envy you your stick-to-it-ness. I start a program and drop out. My goal is to go back to the gym 3 days a week so i can ride my bike this summer. I love riding my bike but I’m getting so winded (and we won’t talk about how my legs feel like spaghetti when I get off).

    Humidity? We haz it. Tons of it.

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