Sometimes all you need is a little reflection…

I’m not going to talk about the propaganda and politics of religious festivals, and the double whammy this particular long weekend brings us in the antipodes. Everybody has their own views and opinions and the rest of us should act like grown ups and respect that. Instead, I’m going to talk about the novelty of the long weekend, and the eureka moment I had about 15 minutes ago.

You see, this is my first real long weekend. Confused? Let’s put it this way. This is my first long weekend in the real world. I’m not a school or university student as I have been for the past untold years. I don’t have assignments or chapters due or projects to complete over the break. I have 4 days of nothing. Well, that nothing has comprised friends, baking, shopping, reading, knitting, watching tv programs and movies and listening to sport. Oh. And Civ IV. And it’s been fantastic so far. And the magical intarwebs has brought me conversations with friends sitting in other parts of the country and world. It has been wonderful.

My first attempt at snickerdoodles... and some WIPS...

If you told me a year ago where I would be and what I’d be doing, I wouldn’t have believed you. Ditto with the question 5 and 10 years ago. I talked about it briefly in in a previous post. About place and purpose. I had, for the longest time lost my sense of Self, and was in danger of losing it completely until about this time last year. My biggest adventure so far has been trying to find it. And when I caught a glimpse of a reflection of a wisp of a thing in a singlet and jeans, putting on her boots this morning, I came to a sudden and startling realisation. I’d found that Self. I think much of it had to do with the completely serendipitous boot shopping expedition (which I will not bore you with), eating pizza last night, and a brief conversation with the wonderful Dr K, in fact, I think a good deal of that eureka moment had to do with mulling over that conversation. So thanks hon, I hope you’re enjoying your Buffy and your puppy. I owe you some baking. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to seeing Dr K in 6 weeks (or less if I’m really lucky), because it’ll be interesting to see how we’ve both changed. I’m certainly not the same person she last saw in 2009, and I know she’s gone through her own adventures and transformations, and I think we’re both the better for it. I can’t wait for the philosophical conversations that will inevitably happen over cups of tea and knitting. I’ve missed them.

But it’s also made me even more grateful to all those patient souls who have just been there, either in spirit or in conversation – you all know who you are – and to those new friends I’ve been making through work and play. I’m looking forward to the shenanigans and adventures and conversations to come. So in a sense, this is a fitting time to be thinking about good friends, old and new, and finally being comfortable in your skin – to hell with everybody else – and seeing what adventures may lurk around the corner.

Time to review that bucket list and see what else I can get done…

Enjoy your friends/family/quiet/noise/sleep/etc this weekend.

I have some people to see, x-box to play, books to finish, and socks to knit…



  1. Oooh snickerdoodles, yum! You’ve reminded me I should make some anzacs this weekend.

    Long weekends really do take on a different meaning when you are no longer a student, but rather a member of the regular workforce.

    And hey, when are details of boot shopping every boring??!! Pics please!

  2. there is a lot to be said for the finding of self. everytime i think ive found it, i find theres still more to learn. being not a student myself anymore has helped with that, but its a hard transition to make. im very much looking forward to seeing you too, and learnt a lot from that conversation too. one thing i learnt is i still have a lot to learn about when to keep my mouth shut. thats a true sign of wisdom i think. having opinions and not needing to share them all the time! and yes, picture of boots please!!

  3. Moments like that are rare (and maybe that’s good, finding yourself over and over could get disconcerting!). And having people with whom you can have those conversations that challenge you into thinking-those are rare, too. And so special.

    You have an especially long weekend this year. Enjoy it. I can’t remember the last time I made snickerdoodles.

  4. The snickerdoodles look pretty good for a first try 🙂
    It’s nice that your Self has decided to make itself known, and that you are happy with where it is at. I find Self to be one of those things that is constantly changing and evolving and sometimes it is a very hard battle to keep track of it, especially when you are in the middle of a challenging thesis.
    I hope you have had a lovely weekend of eating, knitting and conversations. With the long slog you have been through, you certainly deserve the break 🙂

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