I need a weekend from my weekend…

That old Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times” certainly was in play this past week. My old friend, the migraine, was determined to linger longer than I felt was absolutely necessary. Then a very good friend of mine and his bicycle decided to pick a fight with a car. That may have aged me several years in a day, but he was discharged from hospital today – so that was very good news to hear.

Work’s also been interesting, there have been several developments that have me back at the drawing board for the talk I’m giving in 3 weeks. Right back to square one. *looks over a mountain of paper and sighs.* Never mind. It’s not the only project to be ripped back to naught and begun again. The Nutkins and I just didn’t feel the love, so that’s been frogged, and after careful consideration, Temperance will be knit again. This time, with a gusset. I find it a novelty that my fist pair is the pattern photo now. Awesome. I did enjoy the socks last time (once I got the diamonds sorted), and I wanted a pair of toe ups back on the needles. Good to have them there.

Not much else to really say. I need another pair of 2.25mm circs. My addi’s are too blunt, and I have come close to inflicting pain on those around me from knitting with blunt needles. So it appears there may be another pair of knit picks on the horizon. There may also be another clappy in the distance. I’ve knitted several, but I’ve only one in my possession. I (re)discovered the baby alpacky Moggy & Me clapotis kit I bought years ago now. I think it needs to be knitted. Don’t you?

And thanks for the feedback – overwhelmingly in favourite of the 2paw. I couldn’t quite face battling pumpkin today…

More later! 🙂 Hope you’re all having a good lead up to Easter.



  1. there can never be too many clappys in this world, i believe. im so glad i didnt even bother with nutkin. i hope you have a headache and friend-in-accident free week, and get in lots of chocolate in preparation!

  2. Yes, sometimes you need a holiday after your holiday too!! Bah humbug to migraines, they are the worst.
    I inflict pain on myself with sharp dpn as I habitually push the stitches with the side of my index finger and make a split in it.
    I can’t face pumpkin, though I did make ice-cream, corn fritters and blueberry cupcakes.

    1. I’m becoming more and more convinced that not knitting damages my calm. I’m planning some decent knitting to get things done over the next week or so. 🙂

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