“so take the photographs and still frames in your mind…”

Maybe it’s the librarian me, maybe it’s the constant reminders of the transience of life, but I love my photos. I managed to get a few more printed, and the glorious snapfish had it in my humble PO box this evening. Want a sneak peek?

a puppy, a brother, and a lazy Sunday.

Admittedly, I only took one of those photos. The story behind the puppy can be found with his owner, here. It’s the most perfect photo of Wee Davie I think she’s posted. I have a soft spot for that Scottie, and I’m looking forward to finally meeting him. I was part of the discussion that led to the decision to get him, and, of course, naming him, during an adventure of “terror and zen-like calm” last June. I’ve been updated on his antics almost everyday, and he is worshipped and adored from afar. So of course I was going to need to have my own photo of the little monster.

The lad in the blue is my brother. It was taken somewhere in either Poverty Bay or Hawkes Bay during his last few golf tourneys. I don’t have any recent photos of him, so I’m pretty stoked he sent this my way after putting it on facebook. It’s pretty much “Andy”. And I’ve been able to update that photo frame at home, which leads me on to the last photo, and the topic of this post.

As I said, I love photos. The longer I looked into the digital at library school, the less I trust it. When my last external hard drive failed, I lost everything, but I’d put all my photos online anyway. That’s not to say that one day I may log in and they’ll all be gone. Even though I’m living in a shoebox, I have enough space for my favourite friends-memories and my family in frames, and I really ought to get some more frames for new memories. The last photo goes into the good-memories pile. A lazy afternoon watching a mad Australian build a sand sculpture, and when it all came crumbling down, watching the kids attack it with reckless abandon.

I’m also curious as to what will fill my 2011 album. I decided last year that I was going to make a memory book, and I did enough to fill a jury-rigged album, that looks something like this:

The Queenstown Graveyard, after the snow

Those photos was taken en route to the Gondola in Queenstown last year. It snowed to lake level and a few hours later, I’d take one of the friend-memory photos that sits on the shelf above my bed. It was another fantastic, lazy, day where we just let events take us wherever they wanted. And we ended up in Arrowtown. Go figure.

But where was I? Oh yes, photo memories. Cameras are great things, and there is really no reason why we all don’t have at least one little memory book of accomplishments. Even if it is to just sit and flick through every now and again. I’m a score keeper for what will be an achievement book for a friend who is sending me photos of everything she does of note this year, and just after new years, I will present her with a printed photo-book of all that she has done. We started this little practice at the beginning of January, she’s going strong and I’m enjoying collecting all the evidence. I may do one for me when I send off hers to be printed. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

It’s another reason why I keep my rav projects as updated as I can photographically. It’s fascinating to gauge your GAAK during the year(s) and projects you finish. (I’ll have the turn-a-square finished as soon as I post this). Maybe I am a visual person, who knows? But things like that make me content. Maybe I need to look at a decent camera. I have a trip across the ditch coming up… And some lovely ladies to attempt to capture candidly. (Although, that probably means I should get over my abject loathing of being photographed, doesn’t it?!)

Oh… I almost forgot. (And feel free to make suggestions: Kylie, Becky, Ailsa – I’m looking at you – but anybody really…): I’m not entirely taken with the new Knitty, but the Twist Collective, on the other hand… I can’t decide: devonshire or harriet. Discuss.



  1. Devonshire!! The best thing I ever did was make a photobook of all my dog animal companions. I love it, and in case of fire, it’s all I have to grab. I plan to make a new one at the end of this year. I think your idea of making a book for your friend is perfect!! When I had a film camera, I took very few photos and they were terrible. Now I can take as many as I like and at least one or two will be OK.I never find the Summer Knitty very exciting.

    1. The Devonshire is just so very pretty, isn’t it?

      And it is just so much easier (and cheaper) to take photos now. I take as many as I can of Acushla, especially because she is getting older now. A photo book of your gorgeous labs is such a great idea! Would be interesting to see what you create if you do make one at the end of the year.

  2. Devonshire!! No question. I *love* it. Wee Davie is stoked that he made it onto your blog! I have way too many photos now of the little guy, but many seem to be of his bottom as he wiggles away on new adventures. 🙂 I wonder if I should make him his own achievement book… hmmm…

    1. “Wee Davie’s first year” – sounds awesome.

      And not only has he made my blog, he’ll be framed and out on my desk at work. Spoilt little monster. 🙂

  3. i love that photo of wee davie. its so perfect. and that achievement book is a great idea, what a lovely thing to do. i like both of those, i think you would get a lot of wear out of harriet over there, not so much here, so devonshire appeals in that regard. yay for trips across the ditch!!

  4. I vote Devonshire – it’s gone into my queue too! I think Harriet would swamp you, to be honest.

    One of my friends lost 5000 photos when her hard disk died. Huge sadface. Photobooks are a great idea, especially the achievement book.

  5. you’re right – digital is not enough. I’ve chosen a few photos of the years and framed them but that’s not enough either. Can’t frame everything. My mum obsessively keeps albums still and though I don’t want to put everything in a book, some ways of presenting some special ones is a great idea. Thanks for that!

    Oh and I’m all about the Devonshire at the moment. I haven’t been able to forget it!

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