Aries rising.

I don’t know what has been making life good over the past few weeks, but I’ll settle for the ascent of Aries and leave it at that. And it has been a good two weeks. My Old Port pullover grew significantly last weekend in the Bay (and would still be growing if I hadn’t borrowed the needles to make a few beanies), I’ve finally decided that the silk I bought in London in ’08 will be a clapotis (or a cami… but I’m leaning towards a clappy), and I’ve more of my Rav project photos now on the main patterns pages. Life, as a knitter, is great.

Life, in other aspects, is just as good. Like I said, I managed to duck home last weekend, and even saw my brother(!), and Shelley, and played dental assistant without screwing up. I always knew being an honorary dental student would count for something, at some point. We also managed to beat the South Africans in the cricket last weekend, which was cause for much glee and celebration, but too much gloating can be seen as unseemly, so I’ll stop now. While home, I was able to go through all my winter clothes, and things I had bought for work, and lugged them all back to the capital. My style has changed significantly in the last year. I like it. It is now my own, and I’m enjoying it all immensely. To top it all off, my custom-made beautiful military-esque jacket was finally picked up from the post shop on Tuesday, and I’m just having a break from sewing on the buttons. Thanks Katie, I will send you photos, but it is magnificent. Your deserve more than just that shawl I’m knitting you!

But I’m also slightly convinced that sartorialism may also have a hand in the good vibes. And great music. I’ve managed to replace my hard drive, and although I may have lost everything on it, friends and work colleagues have come to the rescue and I’ve been introduced to some amazing stuff, and reacquainted with other things I haven’t heard in ages. And it has been a learning experience. (In fact, cricket commentary and radio news broadcasts aside, my music player hasn’t stopped). The cricket last night was wonderful. And not just because my team won, but because of who was playing. It’s a pity I didn’t get to see any of it, but the BBC5 live commentary team did a great job of keeping things ticking over, even at 1am on a daylight savings ends evening. Always confusing, but the extra hour’s sleep was welcome, especially on a Sunday.

Sunday’s are turning out to be my kitchen days. The morning spent at the various markets, and the afternoon in the kitchen. I’m mighty chuffed with myself today though. I put my shiny new hand-mixer to good use to make meringues with the left-over egg whites from the spinach and ricotta cannelloni I made on Monday. I love meringue at the best of times, and to have a whole container of them on the counter top makes me very happy. Oh, and stewed apple (because I’m really trying to have breakfast in the morning, and I thought this may be nice with porridge), and I’ve slow-roasting tomatoes with balsamic in the oven at the moment. And spring onions and butter and potatoes to make champ tomorrow. By cooking in big batches, I’m finding feeding myself easier during the course of the week. And this is going to be important, especially as I’ve reached caffeine tolerance again, so I have to go cold turkey – too much coffee will actually put me to sleep. Yes, I’ve been told by several people this makes me weird. The withdrawal is not going to be pretty, but I’m optimistic that I may survive without too many headaches (I have the sugary goodness of meringue to help me through). Also, it is lemon, honey and ginger season. I’ll be fine. No, those are not my famous last words. Just you wait and see!

And more reasons for me to be feeling smug: in my year-mission to eat fish, I had smoked kingfish for dinner. It was good. Where has it been all my life?! Smoked kingfish, avo, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, lavash, freshly squeezed orange juice… nom nom nom. Yeah, I like the Mediterranean diet. So sue me. But I’ve made my first big baby-step. Fish that’s not canned tuna. That’s not sushi drowned in wasabi, and not calamari. I’m very proud of me. I may have another meringue to celebrate.

My mission for the week: to start the sleeves for the Old Port, and invest in more baking ingredients. I foresee cookies – and perhaps a TARDIS cookie jar – in my future (this hand mixer means there will be serious kitchen use), and finish one of my several books on the go. Not too much to ask for, is it?

How’s life elsewhere?



  1. Oh there’s a bit of ‘snap’ going on here, I ate fish too, I stewed apples and I have been thinking of making baked pumpkin and ricotta cannelloni. I cooked today as well, Amy Johnson and lemon tart. I love meringues and pavlovas!! I can recommend Nigella’s chocolate one.
    I am looking forward to pictures of your jacket too!!

    1. I love ‘snap’ moments. If you make your pumpkin and ricotta cannelloni, can you flick me your recipe? I’m still looking for a good one.

      And recommendations are good. I’ll go have a look at Nigella’s chocolate meringues… they sound decadent. Will have pics of the jacket soon.

  2. Oh, you have to get the cookie jar! For lots of yummy cookies. I like blog posts about life being good.

    1. I love writing posts about life being good. It’s all long overdue. And I am investigating the cookie jar. Seriously.

  3. I agree about the sartorial stuff being good for the ego. I’ve recently started sewing again, and I love wearing things I’ve made. I feel like *me* again. I feel as if I’ve finally rediscovered my style, which I’d lost somewhere in the last six or seven years. Why did that happen? Dunno…

  4. it just makes me smile to hear you doing so well, and being so happy. i can feel the spring in your step! the mention of meringue gave me a serious sugar craving. eep.

  5. Nice! Everything in place is such a great place to be in. Good luck with your cooking escapades, oh how I wish cooking were that fun more often over here instead of the necessity all the time.

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