In the right place.

You know you’re in a place you should be, when, walking down Cuba Street at 9 on a Monday night, you see three long, tall slabs of muso. Two are very much in context, and one… well. You haven’t seen the one in years, and it turns out the magnetic pull of the capital has lured him to its bright and shabby lights too. Another one down… only several more of the CBIC to go. Ah Wellington. Full of friends and surprises.

Full of new friends and old, for I finally made it to (another) SnB Monday at the Southern Cross. There were some faces from the last time I was there, and some new people met, and I had fun. I’ve missed sitting and knitting and talking about Mr D’Arcy, amongst other things. And a spontaneous, but serious offer to knit a wedding shawl for one of my new friends has been accepted – I’m flattered that she even considered it – and I think she’s overwhelmed somebody offered. It’s going to be an Icarus. In silk, if I get my way. And I really can’t wait to cast it on. (Don’t worry Katie, there’s plenty of time to knit your Shetland Shawl as well). I really have been well and truly bitten by the lace bug. I am completely fine with this. Now that the madness appears to have abated, I can start doing Monday SnB’s. Hooray.

Last week was a throwback to the last madcap weeks of Honours – or that’s how it felt. Right down to the late nights and ridiculously early mornings. But the deadline was met, and I will be prepared for the next time. Work remains great, and even though we’ll be farewelling the very awesome Shiny in a few weeks, I am optimistic that we on the 7th will remain the coolest floor in the company. I am being well and truly assimilated into IT. Again, completely fine with this.

The highlight of the day, however, came not from knitting or work, but coffee. You know you’re an appreciated caffiend when the owner of a coffee shop sees you, jumps for joy, and thanks you for coming in (again) so that he can justify opening the single origin beans he’s just had delivered and “test” them on you (any excuse, really). Otherwise he would have had to wait until tomorrow. That sort of compliment can go to a girl’s head. And the coffee was good. I’ve missed single origin coffees, and once the grind has been perfected, this is going to be great. Ah. Good coffee. It’s the elixir of life, I tell you.

But great coffee, good friends, live music (seen some great lovely live performances too), and a completely *new* playlist of singers and songwriters (and a new, less faulty hard drive) helps make everything feel a little more homely and settled. It’s quite the paradigm shift I find myself navigating. Seriously.

And it’s odd things, like fashion choices (such as wearing shorts in public without being too self-conscious), to actually lying on a sandy beach for the hell of it (yes Katie, try not to faint), to wearing bracelets (usually annoying), and challenging myself to eat seafood (it’s an uphill battle, but I’m doing it). Oh, and limiting my caffeine intake to one good ristretto a day. Okay, sometimes 2. But that’s alright – caffeine isn’t an addiction: it’s a life choice… but most importantly, making sure I see my friends – in all the various circles I have here – and getting over the post-academic guilt one carries around throughout their postgraduate career. It was something discussed over cranberry and soda with amazing live jazz in the background yesterday… for the lot of us present anyway, having full-time jobs and the ability to afford (time and money) what we were doing and how we are now living, is something we could only dream of some 2 or 3 years ago. So we could all appreciate how far we have come in the last 6 or 7 years. It’s reassuring to know that even if I do ever feel lonely, I’m really not. It’s doing wonders for keeping the black dog from the door. (Speaking of dogs, the fact I’m even considering real estate in the dim and not too distant future (almost purely) so that I may get my own canine companion should illustrate how big the paradigm shift I’m facing is). Well, the dog… and the prospect of a big kitchen.

In other news, a certain trip to Sydney is confirmed: the tickets booked and paid for, I am so very excited. I’ve missed the Sydney-siders and Canberreans, and it’s going to be so very awesome to see them all (and Morris and Sons, and Kinokuniya, and Lindt Chocolate, and shopping, and the promise of ice-skating!) It will be 2 years(!) since I’ve seen some of the ladies, and I get the distinct impression it’s going to be a fantastic weekend. Now the only conundrum is whatever am I going to bring to knit?!

I’ve cast on the Old Port Pullover in the Cascade 220 in Westpoint Blue, because the yarn really didn’t want to be the Derry, well that’s the impression I got after frogging the cast-on for the fourth time. The Old Port’s looking good (2 cables in). It appears that I’ve lots of cables in my knitting future (sans moss stitch a la Vivian), and this beauty is also seamless and in the round. I love sweaters like this. My aim is to wear it while ice-skating. So I have, what, 2 months (really) to finish this? I can do that. The nutkins have been cast on and frogged several times now. But I will not let this pattern beat me. It’s just that I’m not feeling it. My mission for this next weekend is to get to at least the heel of one. It will not beat me!

Also, the first Quest (the cloche version) is also finished, and now proudly displayed on the Rav pattern page at the request of the designer. Another exercise in validation as a knitter. But more on that when I’m not needing to think about work in the morning. I’ll just say that it is a fantastic pattern, and the Bendi 10ply Luxury is a dream to knit with. Next time, however, I’ll knit the small…



  1. Ah, but what sort of dog??? Oh, I wish… not really into jazz, but a night out would be fun!

    1. What sort of dog? Well, in my dreams it’s an Irish Wolfhound… but I’d settle for another briard… or even a lion-hearted little Scottie. The dog will pick me, I’m sure.

      And if you’re not into jazz, you’re listening to the wrong jazz… Loving the She & Him, btw… Still lightly too scared to listen to the other cd. 😉

  2. You sound like you are exactly where you are meant to be: location, job, knitting, life, the lot. That is just too awesome for words. Having looked at the two jumper patterns I can so see the draw card of the Old Port, it is stunning and if it turns out like any of your other works it will be a masterpiece 🙂

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