lessons learnt.

So Henry is done, the edges have been picked up and a sewn bind-off used for symmetry and elasticity. It took a while. But it’s washed beautifully and is currently blocking to 61″ long and 6″ wide. I’ll steam block it to set it tomorrow. But it is done. And here’s a sneak peek of how the stitch definition turned out:

Detail of the herringbone slip stitch pattern

It really washed well – the fabric evened out with stint through the washing machine, and I was able to stretch it out nicely. I’m very impressed with the yarn and the pattern. I will do it again for me when I have the time. And I’ll add tassels.

So the epic scarf-athon is now done. And I can turn to the hats/mittens/socks/cowls I have on the list to make people. And I can think about non-knitting presents for others. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to find presents for some people. *sigh*. Shiny suggested an awesome idea at work the other day – of having a box/stockpile of gift-like objects that can be presented at short notice. It’s brilliant. But of no help here. It is something I am considering starting. Especially for swaps/gifts/etc/etc. But there are a few birthdays in the next few weeks and I’m stumped. Anyway. That’s something to keep me occupied.

On a slightly more depressing note (okay, greatly depressing note for me), my three-month old external hard drive decided to stop short, never to go again, yesterday. It was a model with known issues and had already developed the “click of death”, and just decided – mid-song yesterday – to seize. The warranty was already in the post from the Bay for me to take it in and swap it, but clearly I wasn’t fast enough. The music I can get back. Or I can start over. Which is sounding like a good idea. The majority of the photos were either backed up to flickr or picasa’s web albums, and most of the important documents were either backed up to CD or cloud at some point in the last few months. But only a few people will really understand how it is the one or two folders that I hadn’t backed up yet and now cannot get to has devastated me. I have learnt my lesson – the cloud is my friend for writing from now on. It has been a bitter pill to swallow. Luckily the HDD is still under warranty, but I won’t be getting that brand again. But I am left poorer in other aspects for it.

So I’m sitting here, on skype with the earthquake map people, weeding reports, working on Jay’s hat, and marvelling at the Vintage Purls lace weight that arrived today for Katie’s shawl.

Vintage Purls lace "Kipling"

The colour is pretty true to life on my monitor, but once again, VP’s Morag has completely outdone herself in colourwork. Which reminds me – I need to keep an eye on Knitabulous Yarns – I feel like splurging on her stuff. Ailsa’s got such an amazing eye for colour too. Ah! Spoilt for choice.

Anyway, I have a game of cricket to listen to and reports to cull. More FO’s next time.



  1. Gah, sorry about the hard drive. I haven’t got anything backed up, so bad. Must learn from your experience.

    At least you have lovely lovely laceweight to knit with, and a lovely Henry blocking – it looks fantastic.

    1. I’m very impressed with this pattern. It is time intensive, but an easy pattern to memorise. Still the results speak for themselves.

      And I’m just going to back up to google docs from now on…

  2. That scarf is amazing! It’s so perfect looking. What yarn is that?

    And I love the new stuff you have there. What a beautiful color.

    Sorry about the hard drive. They seem to know just when to fail and cause the most problems.

    1. It’s Bendi Luxury 4ply. And it really is lovely to work with!

      As for the hard drive… well, I’m learning to just let it go.

  3. gggrrrr aaaagh hard drive collapse. the stuff of nightmare. and that scarf! what amazing definition. just gorgeous. cant wait to see what else youve been working on!

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