“Where the wind’s like a whetted knife…”

The weather here flicked a switch on the 1st of March, suddenly we’re into Autumn. If you woke up this morning and looked outside, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d bypassed autumn completely and headed straight to Winter. The apparent temperature when I went out to brave the cold and windy (I missed all but 2 minutes of the rainy), was 5.5 at 10 in the morning. If it weren’t for the fact that I needed more fresh fruit and veggies (and could get everything including a dozen freshly laid free-range eggs and 2 punnets of blueberries(!) for less than $24), I would have simply stayed in bed.

But onwards and upwards… and I spent yesterday knitting 14 rows of the Henry, working on the earthquake map, catching up on tv and music, and generally being a blob. (I have 10 rows to go hooray! *Will* finish the pattern today). I see cooking and possibly a mission for freshly squeezed orange juice and a slice of key lime pie in my future as well… I may actually have to do something about my picky-eaters-review-of-food-in-Wellington page at some point. It’s been all talk for a while, I should probably think about doing something soon.

I’ve now been here over a month, and while living in the inner city is just how I remembered it, being in the inner city is awesome. Still getting my apartment all sorted out, being content with the space I have (and it’s mine), enjoying the little kitchen with the thermowave oven: there are slow-roasted cherry tomatoes in there at the moment, and the aroma is divine! It may be a shoe-box, but it’s a cozy little shoe-box.

I think DrK blogged about “own space” a wee while back when she returned to the ‘Gong, and that post must have struck a chord or something because I found myself thinking of the concept and meaning behind a room of one’s own. And I think I’ve finally found mine, at least for the while. I need to try sort out the rest, anyway. But thanks Kylie, that one stayed with me. I may even attempt to read the book again without throwing it across the room this time. I may have more in common with it now, I guess.

But back to the fun stuff. I have Count Sockular pitifully attempting to get my attention while I race to finish Henry. I am already looking to mod the cuff for the Nutkin, I just don’t like it. But back to Henry. Looking at the rav page, this scarf has been epic. But now that the ‘selvage edge’ has settled into the pattern, I am very happy with it. Just not looking forward to the sewn bind off of 800 stitches. Still, I’ve just discovered the luxury does splice well, so I shouldn’t have any real issues there. I’ll be cutting it close for the blocking and gifting, but I think I may make it.

To have a break from smallish needles, I’ve also got a wager hat on the go in Shadow Tweed. Knitting on 6mm needles after months on 3.5mm and 2.25mm needles is a slight shock to the system, but it’s more portable than Henry, so it’s been travelling. I may even get it done today too. (Hear that Jay?)

And my dear friend Katie, who is sewing me a jacket in return for my knitting her (another) shawl, finally gave me a colour, and we decided on a pattern. It’s going to be a Miss Lambert’s Shetland Shawl from VLT, in Vintage Purls Kipling. Considering my VLT is still in the Bay, and this looks like it could take forever, I think this will be a long-term project, but I’ll finally be getting stuck into VLT, which I am looking forward to. She wants something steampunk-ish. I think that’ll fit the bill.

So while Wellington is living up to its gloriously windy reputation, I think I’m going to finish a scarf, and do something about lunch. Possibly pita bread and feta and mushrooms to go with the tomatoes. I like it.

I’ll have photos to share next time. Enjoy your Sunday, everybody. Hope it’s as lazy or productive as you want it to be.



  1. i am still surprised how much i am enjoying having my own space, and how much i resent intrusions into it. i never thought i was that kind of person, but it seems like the I in Introvert is really spreading its wings at the moment. it sounds like theres a bit of that happening for you too! and i need to knit something else from VLT soon. thats a lovely pattern, great skill exchange!

  2. your own space is something to be treasured – it’s a wonderful thing. You sound very content!

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