In which the heroine lives a little.

So I don’t drink. Not if I can possibly help it. I haven’t since 2004. Yes, it is a long time ago, and yes, that does still surprise people. Okay, so I have the odd something here and there, but the moon has to turn blue first, really, for me to consider it. I like my raspberry and coke or soda water enough, thank you. And maybe one whisky every now and again. Which is why 6 doubles in the space of 2 hours could be seen as more than a little out of character for me. But, I had to. In the name of living a little (and the opportunity to drink 35 year old single malt whisky). When I saw a note pop up on twitter, I knew I had to sign up for this particular whisky tasting. And I’ve just returned home. Admittedly, there was a large bowl of mac cheese beforehand, lots of water and bread during, and more water afterwards (even now, I sit with some glorious rooibos and rice cakes), I still managed to take a few attempts to get my key in the door, and put the kettle back on the cradle. Why am I telling you this? Because I am mildly amused by it all… and because it was a really good night of history, discussion, networking (as always), and whisky.

It was in the grand dining room at the Wellesley Hotel (which somewhat disturbingly reminded me of my old Hall of Residence’s dining room – must be the wood panelling), there were eight to a table, and the speaker was the export director for Gordon and McPhails, an independent bottler I stumbled upon by chance through the Whisky Shop in Pater Noster Square in 2008. He was highly entertaining, and the journey through the different types of whiskies was really interesting. Did you know a scotch whisky cannot be classified as such until it has been barreled in oak for at least three years? Until that point it is a “British Spirit”. And that whisky is not a whisky if the alcohol content drops below 40%? Between juggling glasses on the table, we were all madly scribbling things down. But it was fun. And I will do it again. But next time, there will be reinforcements.

That's about $1000 worth of whisky right there.

So live and learn. I know I couldn’t stand a wine tasting. Or even a beer tasting. But this was just enough. And it was needed, especially after this last week…

And so to other important matters. Three beautiful balls of Bendi 10ply (in ruby, denim and black) turned up today. The colours are gorgeous. And they will all be hats. A turn-the-square and 2 Quests. One for me, and one for an upcoming birthday… like the turn-a-square. But first Henry needs to be finished in the next few days because his time is now up. I only have 30 rows (one repeat and then some) to go, but it is looking fantastic.

And because it is (already) the end of February, and the Shur’tugals were finished in January (I actually enjoyed the pattern, unlike many others), I got to pick another brown paper bag for the next s62011 installment. And I pulled out…

And Buffy stabbed Edward. The end.

…the amazing Knitabulous’ Count Sockular. I’ve heard nothing but good things about nutkins, and I think vampire slaying socks would be pretty awesome around about now. Of course, at least I can then say that I’ve done one of the must-do sock patterns. I’ll get around to monkeys one day. But first, I have a scarf, 5 hats and another lonely sock to finish… Yes, you read right. 5 hats. I guess all this project monogamy is starting to get to me. It’s worth it. Ninja knitting is always worth it.

Until next time (and I may take a camera on my morning run to catch the sunrise for you), à bientôt.



  1. I’ll stick to margaritas. 🙂 So many hats… and I haven’t had the energy to knit a stitch!

    1. You can have your tequila margaritas. I’ll stick to the mocktails. And the yarn-types. 😉

      You haven’t had the energy? When are you going to send me that other heel to turn?

  2. I’d go to a vodka tasting! And I can never keep scotch, boubon, whisky and it all straight; what is which. But way to live a little!

  3. I am not a drinker. I don’t like the taste of alcohol as a rule. I’ll drink a daquiri (frozen with strawberries so it’s like a slushee) but that’s about it. And I’ll bake using rum in the fruitcakes.

    A whiskey tasting might be interesting though, just for the knowledge of what I’m missing

  4. you know, i thought i commented on this post, but obviously not. what i was thinking was ‘what a fantastic idea for a tasting’! ive done coffee tastings, so much fun. and the buzz, weeeee! but good whisky is a thing to be treasured. so glad youre living it up, just a bit. great yarn for those socks. i love buffy. she saved the world. a lot.

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