In which a water sign enjoys being at the sea…

It’s been a tough 2 days. In a bid to do anything to help the Cantabrians, we helped to set up and run this site. It’s been two days of monitoring tweets, sms, emails and news feeds… and work on other projects. Kiwis have once again blown me away with just how on to it we all are. Roll up your sleeves and help where you can – paying to fly strangers out of Chch, hosting refugees in their own homes, running this baking drive, and promoting a black and red Friday to raise funds for the Red Cross. Anything that we can do, can be done. Help one person, and help many.

That being said, it was an absolute delight to escape down to the waterfront to sit quietly and watch the lights go on in the city and across the bay. I can’t remember the last time I sat and did that. It must be close on 13 years ago now. It was fantastic. My camera even let me take some photos in the dusk.

You'd never guess from all this that I'm loving being in the heart of the city, would you?
Looking out towards the Hutt, with the Rimutakas in the background
Mount Vic and Te Papa
The CBD lights, as the twilight fades

There are certain things from my childhood that have stayed with me, and the smell of the sea is one of the things that makes me so very happy. And for there to be a calm and balmy evening like the one we’ve just had, I didn’t need an excuse to head to the wharf and sit and watch people. Well, I didn’t need an excuse, but I had one. And it was awesome. I found myself wishing I had Katie, Jenn and Kylie there. An installment of the fringe festival – The Performance Arcade opened today and runs through to Sunday. Part interactive art, part performance, all theatre – it was fantastic to wander through the installations and talk to the people. There’s one that includes getting you lost somewhere in the city which I am totally going to do tomorrow (the question is whether it’s going to clash with my getting to pop balloons…). But oh. Ladies. The discussions we could have had over tea afterwards would have been brilliant. There is the concept of self in place, and memory, and perceptions of beauty (and place), and movement, and integration… And I know you would have enjoyed it. So I took some photos for you. (I may take some more tomorrow…)

A reminder of why I love theatre and live performance...
"Nag" - These two are great. I could watch the crowd interaction for hours.
"Point of Presence" - aim: blow up 4000 white balloons... then pop them tomorrow at 6:30. Not-so-senseless-destruction.
A stream of consciousness post from a "nag" performer

Performance like that is just so dynamic… and it depends entirely on the people viewing it. The performers and curator are giving a talk on performance and space which I really, really want to go to. But I find myself double booked. With a 1950’s photo shoot that promises to be awesome fun. See what I mean? There will be other shoots, but there won’t be other lectures/discussions/talks like this. sigh. I’m going to have to think about this. There may even be a coin toss.

I seriously adore being somewhere with so much going on. And being so close to it all. But I’ve said that before, haven’t I?

Oh! Before I forget. Look what arrived from Dunedin yesterday. The colours are even more amazing in real life:

Once again, Vintage Purls delivers something extraordinary...

It’s Vintage Purls Limited Edition Sock in Strigoi (the red) and Vermeer’s Light (the pale yellow). The Vermeer is going to be become October Fingerless Mitts (and if I’m lucky another Rivendell, mine has been fantastic).

And the red. I’m going to have to think of something very special for the Strigoi. Like the emerald green “Karma” I bought from her last year. This is very special yarn. The colours are just… Perfect. My favourite, even. A little darker than Needlefood’s “Make mine a bloody Mary”, and with more depth to the tones… More like blood than ruby. (And it’s so smooshy… No, I’m not petting my yarn as I write. Why would you think that?!)

And now with an early morning run on the cards, a conference presentation to plan, balloons to pop and a city to get lost in, I’m going to bid you all adieu. Until the next time I bombard you with photos…

(Hugs to my friends who need them badly. You know who you are.)



  1. I want to pop red balloons! Love your yarn… darn it all, I shouldn’t have tried to behave. That yellow is glorious!

    1. It is! I could always make two pairs of the October Leaves… Care for a pair?

  2. I’ve been really teary this week and your photos of my beloved Wellington have put me over the edge again… I just feel so sad…

  3. what a week its been. im with MH, so much to be sad about. what a strange scary and beautiful world we live in, the things that people are capable of, the good and the bad, the huge and the tiny. from earthquakes to yarn. i wish i had been there, but you know there was a strong sea breeze last night and i just realised its part of the same ocean we’re smelling! well, you know what i mean.

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