All wrapped in the bones of the setting sun…

It has been a dark day in New Zealand. I came back from lunch to find out that there’d been another quake. Some terse hours followed as I, along with most of my colleagues, waited for news of friends and family. Luckily all those I know appear to be safe. But with the mounting death toll, I’m expecting to know at least one person who died in the quake. It’s NZ, most of us will know somebody. As for the rest, I don’t want to talk about it. It’s all a little too close to home.

So. I’ll talk about something a little more cheerful. Like, an FO. My Boulevard Zip (rav link), to be precise. The pattern’s from the Knitscene Winter/Spring 2010 knitted in Bendigo Cotton 8ply in ‘sepia’. I love this yarn and I will use it again.

My Sunset Boulevard - front
Sunset Boulevard - the back

It is so comfortable, and I can see it being really popular this autumn. The only mod was to knit the sleeves in the round (less seaming). The length was perfect, and the shaping wonderful. The zip was done by somebody who sews better than I do – my mom. Thanks mom! (Don’t you love mothers?). So. My second cardi. I’m pretty stoked with it.

On to bigger and better things.

Like the weather we’ve had here recently. This was the view for Sunday dinner:
It was a beautiful evening for a BBQ and catching up with some old friends from way back in what turned out to be a somewhat unofficial housewarming.

Looking down onto Oriental Parade

And this was the weather yesterday. I was able to snap a few photos during my lunch hour while I enjoyed the last of the summer sun (it was muggy and rainy today). To give you some idea of how still it was, I could wear a skirt. (For those across the ditch, it’s not called “Windy Wellington” out of some ironic sense of warped humour).

Oriental Bay from Queen's Wharf
Some avid fishing going on

It was good to be a Wellingtonion and working in the city. Especially if it meant escaping the office briefly for the sun.

And now onto other knitterly things.

It appears my ninja knit gift was a success. That’s something I really love about knitters that seems to take others by surprise. We do things like surprise-gifting when people least expect it. Possibly because we all love getting something unexpected in our postboxes as a just-because, or a thank you, or even a happy birthday or a good on’ya. It makes us feel good, and it makes somebody else’s day. You know, paying it forward and all that. I’ve had some great karma the last few weeks so I’m paying as much of it forward as I can. So that beautiful Ishbel I posted last time was loved (Thank heavens. I get really nervous). It was also completely and utterly unanticipated, which makes it all the more special. I’m gathering there may have been a little stunned silence. This is why I like to not be around when I give gifts. And once again, I find myself enjoying the ninja knit-hugging.

I think Bells still has hers from all those many moons ago as the first recipient of my knitted hugs… and I know my BKFF is going to enjoy ninja knitted hug in her travels to Italy this year (so very envious). Of course, she’s sent me some amazing just-because’s so I will return the favour when I can.

And there are more on the horizon. One or two are expected (as IOU’d Christmas presents and knit-threats), and others – I believe – are still completely oblivious. And there are (several) birthdays coming up too (what is it with March and November? I mean. Seriously!). I’m planning something awesome for the BKFF… but that’s all she’s going to know for now. The ninja sheep are at work, and we are well pleased with their provisional plans.

But still, how do you explain to those who are not part of the amazing knitting community that loves swaps and karma presents, and how knitting knowing that the recipient is going to get something carefully considered and constructed purely for them is as rewarding as giving it? We know. We do it. We get it. We believe that not all of humanity is completely selfish and arrogant. We sit and watch and wait and are patient, because that’s what knitting has taught us. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a delicate lace shawl can’t be whipped together in one either. And always, the recipient deserves something handknitted. Or else we wouldn’t waste our time on them. Would we?

That’s enough for now. I have some more interval training in the morning. The physio passed my knees as fine to run, providing I do some strength exercises (but he does think swimming is a better idea), so I may end up doing both. Who knows? Add a bike in there somewhere down the track and I may find myself in the middle of a triathlon. Heavens no. I may be a sucker for punishment, but that’s a little excessive, don’t you think?

So thoughts and prayers to Christchurch. And if you can, donate to the Red Cross to help those in Christchurch. Winter is coming soon, and there are now thousands how have lost everything.

That’s all for now. More to come…



  1. Hey Shelley, saw the news today and thought of you! Good to see you and your family are safe. Not sure if you can see my email, but would love to hear from you if you can.

    Chantelle (ChaCha)

  2. I hope you don’t get any bad news about the quake, it was terrible seeing it on the news, devastating. Can’t imagine how you feel with it being so much closer to home.

    Your cardi looks great. And great job on the zipper, mum!

  3. Start with the good stuff – great cardigan! I went and ordered some cotton as soon as I saw it, which is a real compliment! And can’t wait to find out more about those ninja sheep’s plans! I’m all curious.

    But… wow… Christchurch. It’s going to take a lot of recovery and healing.

  4. My husband and I just visited NZ last year about this time and only spent one night Christchurch. I had been thinking a lot about NZ anyway lately, just because last year this time we were enjoying the wonderful Fall weather (which is still warmer than what we have here in North Carolina right now).

    Beautiful photos but then, again, I guess that’s just a normal day in NZ!

  5. Glad to hear you are safe and well. Thinking about all those affected by the quake and hoping there are no more for them.

    The cardy is beautiful, suits you well, fits you well and zips so well! Well done on a successful knit and “Good job Mum!” on the zip sewing 🙂

  6. We were talking about the quake this morning on the train (along with the volcano that was erupting–very busy down there on the Rim). I hope things calm down for you.

    The sweater looks gorgeous. it’s a perfect fit and looks very versatile. Non knitters don’t understand the knitted hug. I have mine at work and I wear it when I’m cold and I feel the caring in the stitches. But try to explaint that to someone else. They already thing I am knitting obsessed and slightly strange.

  7. i think of you every time i see the news. its just awful. im also glad youre somewhere safe, and beautiful (great photos!) and im glad to know youre making gorgeous things as well. and so happy that things are working out, life wise xx

    1. *biggest hugs to you* I think you’re in need of a knitted hug too… but what?

  8. The earthquake is just so awful. I think it will be along time till things are back to normal for people in Christchurch. I have been there, NZ is the only overseas place I have been. I loved it.
    Great zippy cardi!!

  9. there are several patterns i’ve wanted to do that have zips – I think outsourcing that bit is a great idea. You and your mum have done a great job. It’s perfect on you!

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