What happens when the caffeine hit is delayed…

You didn’t think you’d be getting rid of me that easily, did you? That I’d pop up with another random post and disappear into the ether? No, no…. not this time. It’s not going to take me another year and a half to get to 400. Besides. I have some things to show off.

First of all, Henry at halfway. I managed to still have some decent light when I got home from work, and since I am really quite smitten with this WIP, the chances of it actually getting gifted are slowly waning.

Henry - the right side up
Henry - the wrong side. WIP

The colour is stone and is really is working with this pattern so very well. And halfway there now. Still pondering the tassels.

And then I have to show you this. This is the total content of my stash here.

Wellington Stash - that box is only a hand span deep

I know, right? Admittedly that’s at least 10 pairs of socks, 1 cowl, 2 jumpers, a pair of fingerless gloves, 2 shawls, 2 scarves and a hat. Which isn’t too bad as a start. I can always relay stash down from the Bay, and there’s always a good excuse to enhance said stash now, isn’t there?

I foresee several berets in my future. My single, solitary one is getting a lot of wear, and I have the haircut to be able to really wear them. I’ve seen some stunning berets from Random Knits for her Em, and I’m feeling inspired. Speaking of the haircut, I think it’s high time I revisit my beloved hairdresser and do something about the way its starting to get stubborn. And maybe put a little more brunette into my locks again. I’m loving the blonde – don’t get me wrong – but I’ve now been pretty damn blonde for an entire year. No chestnut or black in sight, I’m starting to feel edgy. We’ll see what happens when I walk in and walk out the next time I’m there… Change is in the air.

Speaking of change, I have been exceedingly lazy over the past few months. Er… years. The guilt is starting to kick in. The lovely running shoes aka The Most Expensive Christmas Present Ever have been looking reproachfully at me from the cupboard, and the question “Do you want to run a marathon?” has been echoing in my head for a couple of days now. Well, after the initial incredulous laugh out loud reaction, the answer is yes. What a silly question. Of course I want to run a marathon. I’ll settle with a half marathon first, but I seriously wonder if my knees would hold out. Running is pretty high impact after all. Still, I have been pondering what to do to get fit now that I have the time and opportunity and drive to do so. Yoga is a foregone conclusion… just have to do something about figuring out which place to go to. And now that I have vast tracts of blessedly flat and runnable pavement to pound, I don’t really have an excuse. Yes, Wellington’s weather is always a good excuse, so is time of day, but seriously, when the city services cheerfully wakes you up around 5.30 every morning anyway… Can you see how I’m trying to persuade myself that early morning runs are a good idea? I think I’ll play around with gmaps a little more before I start falling out of bed at some ungodly hour and run before work. Actually, that may help at work. Rickety knee aside, I’m not seeing any negatives, can you?

As for the job. Well, I have something to do with this, and am finally able to work with this, which makes me happy, since I spent most of Library School examining the benefits and common sense of using Open Source in the Library and Information Management environment. In some ways, I feel quite vindicated, after all the many “spirited” discussions I spent arguing for OSS, I finally can participate. So that is good. And the position is the right amount of never-going-to-be-boring and pushing-personal-comfort-zone. It’s going to be hard work, but I’ve definitely chosen jobs and positions that lead me to this point, so it really was a giant window that opened in December. More on those adventures later. And believe me, there will be adventures. I will not be a drone. Ever. And I get to listen to music at work, which is also ridiculously cool. And, well, I like working in IT. Odd and demanding hours and all.

Speaking of music, my continuing listening to a fairly extensive collection of Tori, properly, and, for the first time (yes, try not to faint), is impressing me greatly. Clearly, she is a musical genius, and despite the long and winding road, I got there eventually. I’ve been having fun with Last.fm too. How many of you out there have an account?

Tori and The Killers have been keeping me company while I organise my food for the next few days. I’m afraid my standard bagel and cream cheese has won out for breakfast, and I’ve joined the hoards that go out for lunch… which has been interesting as a vegetarian in a predominantly omnivorous world. Apparently bacon is a vegetable. Go figure. I have decided I may even pop up a page of my adventures in Wellington cuisine (and an evaluation of all ristrettos in the Te Aro/CBD area) at some point soonish. In saying that though, I’m not looking forward to the day when coffee starts to put me to sleep. It will happen. It does when tolerance is reached. I’m stockpiling lung ching and pur-eh against that crises for when it eventuates. And it will. It really is only a matter of time.

Speaking of sleep, it’s been a long day of technical-type writing, and it’s going to be an even longer one tomorrow. Only tomorrow also holds the promise of KIP at a vegan/vegetarian/organic place literally right up the alley from my apartment. It’ll be good to see where the very bad karaoke originates from when 21sts are hosted there. But more on that in the near future.

Toodle pip.



  1. Your Henry looks great! I kinda wish I had a very small stash – then I could not feel “restrained” by what I have. Which is sorta silly, since I’ve got a great stash!

    1. But I love your stash! I covet your stash… Why would you want a smaller stash? I do love this Henry. I actually have a ball of this in the Autumn Glow to do one for me sometime, so I shouldn’t be selfish and hoard this one for myself… 😉

  2. Sadly, I am not able to enjoy the jolt from the caffeine. It raises my bp and since I take ridiculously expensive medicine to keep it down, it would be self defeating.

    Your life sounds like it’s falling into place nicely and it’s very exciting. As someone who has lived in the same place for 25+ years, it’s fun to relive the excitement of new and different through your eyes.

    1. Feel free to live vicariously through me! And coffee does do that to me from time to time, so I enjoy it while I can, and then I have to lay off for about 6 or 7 months… And if I am going to be running, it’s going to have to be seriously moderated.

  3. Wow! Things are really taking off for you – good on you. It’s lovely to hear of your adventures.

  4. Just in regards to the Marathon-I’m not a runner at all. I had never run more than a mile and that was for gym class in high school. I joined a Galloway Training group and by walk/running, I completed my first and only marathon after 7 months of training.

    I’m just saying it can be done if you’re willing to put in the work. (It gets even more expensive than just shoes, though, btw).

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks! And I’m already looking at the cost of more than just the shoes. 🙂

  5. ah you need to do some serious stash enhancing, tout suite! thats what jobs are for after all. and bacon is a vegetable. esp when covered in maple syrup. what are you talking about?

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