Contact, at last! And a little independence to add to the mix.

So I’ve been in gainful employment for a week. I’ve been in the city for just under two. And my modem finally arrived. I believe my relapsed caffeine addiction is directly in proportion to the lack of internet I’ve had at home. That has all changed. It’s been a fantastic evening of pizza, tiramisu, admiring beautifully blocked knitting and being bathed in the light of my computer screen while listening to Tori Amos.

Yes, I do realise what today is, admittedly it was only at about 3 this afternoon when, on the drive back from a meeting two hours out of the city, somebody crossed the road with a bunch of red roses. Huh. Glad I missed that. And I readily admit to being grinch-like there too. It’s not just reserved for Christmas. Honestly. I could give you a whole feminist spiel, but I’m not that partial to many of those views, so I will settle with saying that while I may not go out of my way to prove somebody right in this case, I’m actually pretty comfortable with the idea of spending my life with a puppy or two as loyal companions. There are some out there who will completely agree with me on this. Won’t you, ladies? That is all I’m going to say on this matter today. /end rant

Of course. Murphy may just decide to prove me wrong, one day when I least expect it. I have learnt to not tempt him or his sisters…

Right. Other things! My Shur’tugals were finished in January, and now I need to cast on the second Kells sock and get that done. Admittedly, I had an Ishbel to get finished for a birthday, and it was cast off and blocked in the last few days. It was in 8ply Touch Possum-Merino on 4.5mm needles, and that yarn was worth every cent to knit, wash and block. An absolute dream. I really hope it is liked though. The recipient is blogless and not a knitter, so there is always the off-chance that it will not really be that appreciated.

Isn't she just gorgeous. And spans the width of my queen bed (for size)

The Henry is at the 50% mark – well, having measured three times, I think it’s at the 50% mark (5 repeats, not 6), but I reserve the right to add an extra repeat if I think it needs it once 5 repeats are done. Will post a progress shot once I get it in decent light. I am very happy with how it is turning out, even if it is taking forever on small needles. As I have said before the Bendi Luxury 4ply is knitting exceedingly well. How does it wash though, anybody? And once again, I’m not all that enamoured with the applied i-cordish ends. But I am loath to add tassels. Because I just don’t like them. Any suggestions there too? Anybody? Thoughts?

Since I’m back to one big (read: deadlined) WIP and a sock, I’m contemplating casting on Derry from New England Knits in Cascade 220 Westpoint Blue. It’s rare for me to flick through I book and want to knit everything, but it happened here. I foresee copious amounts of 220 in my future. Luckily, I now live in a climate suited to wearing the 10ply/Aran weight jumpers this book seems to contain in disproportionate numbers. Also, I’m going to resurrect and finish my Vivian. You remember Vivian, right? I have a little bit of sleeve 2, the saddle shoulders and hood to do. And after kells sock #1, the moss stitch/cable combination is really a stroll in the park because the needles are bigger and the wool isn’t that splitty… And my Boulevard Zip should be finished and ready to photograph and wear by the time I duck back up to the Bay. You hear that, Maman? Will I have the zip all done for me? (It’s all part of GAAK… finding somebody who can sew do the sewing-stuff. You know, delegation and the like).

Er… what else? Oh! I went was here on Saturday. It was awesome. Another thing off my bucket list. But If he’s playing anywhere in the general vicinity ever again, I’m going. The man is an incredible performer. And he knows it. But it works. And then I was here on Sunday. And that was one helluva penalty shot. Brilliantly done, and needless to say, the crowd certainly did go wild. And then I’m going to be here in August. I am extremely excited about that one. And there are various other assorted bits of theatre and sport and music that will be booked and seen. (Anybody get the distinct impression that I may be enjoying living in a city again?). And plans to escape to Sydney for a certain weekend in June is looking more and more probable as the weeks progress. More on that as it happens.

And… that’s my jam-packed first contact, and I promise there will be more now that I can. Sweet, sweet intarwebs. I have missed you so. And from my blogroll, I need a good few days to catch up too.



  1. Wow, that shawl is beautiful. The color is so feminine but not too frilly. I can’t imagine anyone not being pleased (but then being a knitter, I appreciate things like that!)

  2. Here here re: Valentine’s Day. Bah humbug I say! And the puppy idea is a lot more appealing than crazy cat lady!

  3. The shawl is cosy – if not loved, recipient is temporarily insane! The Luxury has been washing extremely well for me so far… in the washing machine and everything. And Wee Davie considers anyone else superfluous. Must be a dog thing!

  4. even blogless non knitters would be bowled over by that gorgeous ishbel! im glad you are back online, its a horrible state to be in! and ah, yep, agree (1000) on the whole valentines thing, let alone the loyalty and companionship of the four legged kind.

  5. Good to see you back! I hate Valentine’s Day too and we don’t celebrate it in any way – for all those feminist reasons! Shawl is lovely – wish I had your speed but I am very bogged down at the moment, need to finish some things and start some lovely new ones.

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