It never rains, it pours.

A few weeks ago, I rashly declared that I would go to Wellington, and I wouldn’t leave until I had secured a job and a place to live. So I went, and managed to catch up with lots of old friends. Took in some cricket, and some knitting. And some knitting at the cricket…

Watching the warm up and toss
(I finished the sock last night watching Kimmy win the Women’s final. What a great match!)

I had another interview, looked at some places. Waited on the company to make a decision, applied for the first place I saw. Waited a little longer, got offered a job, had my application for the place I looked at approved, and still managed to make it back on my Friday morning bus. Turns out I wasn’t so rash after all!

More on my next adventures when I know what they’re going to be. All I can tell you at the moment is that it has something to do with this. And that I’m going to be somewhere I can indulge in my love of the performing arts, music, and there is (I’m told by several independent sources) a vibrant SnB which I look very forward to attending.

But my sudden good fortune wasn’t the only interesting thing this week(end). I managed to get home before Tropical Cyclone Wilma decided to isolate our little town amongst several others in the Bay, Northland and the Coromandel.

The harbourmaster was estimating the river to peak at 7m overnight, but it doesn’t look like it did. Still, Civil Defence were out sandbagging driveways, and the waterpumps were working overtime around the town. I love how unphased everybody seemed to be, but mindful at the same time, of what had happened across the ditch. A mere 7 meters… puts everything in perspective. The slips on the Matata straits were possibly the most impressive thing that happened here, with the rain causeing far more havoc up north. Still, since our tuna tournament has been cancelled for the first time in 23-odd years, and there really isn’t much for isolated locals to do but watch the tide come in and the river levels rise.

On Saturday morning, we were completely cut off for a few hours, lost telephone and internet for a few more, and, seeing as the day dawned clear and sunny, we joined the rest of Whakatane in watching the river come down in flood… It looked something like this.

From the stop-bank near my old high school

River still rising at the bridge into town

The Whakatane River Bar

What the river brought down with it

Haven't seen waves or water like this in a long while...

So now I sit and scratch my head and try decide exactly what to take down with me. It’s a real new beginning, and I’m looking forward to applying that new year’s resolution of living to good measure. It’s going to be great to join the real world. 🙂

In knitting news, I now have my first pair of s62011 socks off the needles. My Tomas socks are done, and more will be said when they’re dry and I can photograph them. The zip for my Boulevard Cardi has been pinned on, and that should be all finished and done soon. The second Skellig will get underway in the next few days – but birthday presents and knitted hugs are commanding priority at the moment… More on those developments as they arrive.

What a week! I’m still absolutely exhausted and slightly bemused by everything… When all is packed and ready to go tomorrow, I should have socks to show off, and another Guy Gavriel Kay to critique (I’m still mulling over my T.S. Elliot, so I won’t quite go there yet).

Still, I think I need a new tagline. Any suggestions?



  1. A brand new page in life! Wee Davie says just to be sure you get a sofa he can play hide and seek in! It’s going to be brilliant! (And relief re flood…)

  2. Well done you! Once you get all settled, I want to know what you have to offer on federated searching – my current bugbear!

  3. fantastic news! doors close, other doors open! so great that you are able to start this new chapter, hopefully with a bit less stress!

  4. Congratulations. I guess the universe was listening when you stated your intentions. I’d have a hard time packing for a Whole New Life. I’m excited for you.

  5. Hey – still out there in Windy Wellington (always sunny cool cuba st wellington for me!). Hope you are OK.

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