Craziness, madness, and pizza. Oh My.

While I wait for my internet time to run down, I thought I’d pop in and say hello.

It was an eventful bus trip. Crazy drivers, bus crashes, bus changes, and lost drivers were the order of the day on my trip into the capital. And people say travelling by bus is boring. Bah. I managed to cast on and get another three and a half repeats of Tomas #2 done during that trip (haven’t done any more. Yet). And I watched Serenity again. Joss Whedon’s awesomeness remains untouched.

After praying to the sun gods and glaring at the clouds the next day (this particular youth hostel will never be frequented again. Nor will it be mentioned in this post. And I’m only here because it was cheap), I snaffled my ticket to watch our cricket boys play their first ODI of the series. And I went early to see just what Allan ‘White Lightening” Donald is going to do to our bowlers. I’m quietly optimistic. He was certainly drilling them. Timmy getting a 5-for was the icing on the cake. It was a good game. We romped home in 16 overs. But I wonder just how hard the Pakistani team was really trying… Much like the second-string English team across the ditch… But I digress.

The rain stayed blessedly away on Saturday, only to arrive with vengeance and cold wind on Sunday. Nothing like a good cup of tea and book (I found a copy of Lord of Emperors by Guy Gavriel Kay and am devouring it) on a rainy and lazy day. My entire dorm room appeared to have the same idea. It was amusing. Well, it was amusing to me as I know the weather here. I don’t think any of the tourists really appreciated the situation as they arrived, one by one, looking like drenched rats, soaked to the bone and complaining bitterly about the Wellington summer. You don’t come to this city for the weather, I think they know that now. That night, I braved the rain to catch up with an old colleague who has been in the lovely city for a few years now, and over a fantastic Indian dinner, she made my week by promptly reeling off the locations, times and dates of all the local S’nB’s/craft meets in the area and assures me it’s a pretty young crowd. Hooray! (She doesn’t knit or crochet, but she deserves something awesome for her brilliance in the field of local knowledge on things of interest). She was wonderful to work for/with when I was at the student union in Otago, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her here. And I get the distinct impression that I will. If either of us have anything to do about it.

Yesterday was a day of apathy. Hot tea and reading followed by aimless wandering and discussions with very good company, followed by fun in the form of travel planning the next 2 months for the lovely French lass sharing a dorm with me. It took hours, and we were in hysterics in the end. We’d lost 4 kon-tiki-ers and gained a mad Western Australian, and it was actually quiet for the first time in days. The day’s high ended with a lovely stroll for me to get pizza at 10 at night, and walk back, listening to music, and eating it straight out of the box. I finished it in no time. Lovely pizza, lovely walk. Helluva lot of fun. I highly recommend the experience. The duo in the dorm room couldn’t believe a) I was back so soon and b) I had no pizza on me when I returned. More hysterics ensued.

As mad as backpackers can be. Sometimes they’re just worth it for the people you meet and the stories you swap.

Anyway, it’s off to phone agents and look at apartments – just to see what’s out there for now – I may get a little more serious about things tomorrow afternoon, but for now, it’s all still one big adventure.

More as it comes to light. And you may even be lucky and get some photos… 🙂



  1. sounds like youve got it all going on over there. i hope the adventure doesnt wear thin too quickly. exciting days indeed.

  2. Ah, youth hostels, travel & adventure. They are way back whens for me – but I can remember the thrill of it all. Enjoy!

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