Notes on a year…

2010 has been a turbulent year. Well, one of changes anyway. Drastic changes. It’s been a year when I’ve really had to find out who I am and what I’m really like. I’m happy to say that I’m not actually that bad. Possibly a tad too serious at times and prone to caution, but those are things I can work on. I’ve found my style and all things considered, I’ve done a great deal too. I’ve travelled, taught, seen friends, scratched a few things off my bucket list and learnt to breathe and laugh.

North Island, South Island and a token Melbourne shot. Where I went in 2010.

There have been some fairly big things I’ve needed to overcome, and some great disappointments I’ve needed to deal with, but despite my initial reaction of 2010 being a horrible year, when I think about it, there were some fairly deep, dark and depressing moments that clouded things, but in general – it’s been pretty fantastic. I’ve managed to actually spend time with several very good friends (which was very necessary for my psyche), and in many ways, reset my system.

Now, speaking of resets, you’ll notice (those of you on my blog, not a reader), that a new tab has appeared above the posts: Books 2011 (Don’t bother clicking on it, there’s nothing there yet). Since I am determined to catch up on a good 6 year’s worth of reading – and then some – I have decided to inflict my thoughts and opinions I make the various sundry pieces of literature that I read on you, gentle reader. It’ll relieve the monotony and boredom of sock posts anyway. I find formal book reviews to be fairly pretentious works (says she, who reviews academic books), because hey – everybody has their own thoughts and approaches – and here’s the punchline: the text may be the same, but we all read different stories based on our experiences, beliefs and upbringing. That’s the beauty of the book.

This may be an interesting experiment, seeing as thees, thous, forasmuches, and being “yclept in fetters” is pretty standard in my reading vocabulary. I’m also going to see if I can step out of my fantasy/sci-fi/speculative fiction comfort zone and see what else I can find. Anything is fair game. Even cooking and knitting books. Oh. And non-fiction. Of course!

The theory is, when I finish a book, I’ll put it on that virtual pile of “read” books, and recap it – what I liked, what I didn’t like… how many times I threw it across the room (usually those types of books are not finished and relegated to a I-don’t-have-time-for-this-codswallop pile), what sort of music(?)/food(!)/drink it reminds me of, and other types of whimsy. I get the feeling the Book Depository is going to make a mint off me in 2011.

That’s not going to mean I will be neglecting my knitting. Oh no, my precious. While my Ravelry queue is looking very modest (only 20 at last check), I will be knitting in earnest. I’m looking forward to showing off 12 pairs of socks in 12 months time, much like I can show off 10 shawls, like this:

My 10 Shawls for 2010

In order (and all Rav-linked):

And there was a little bit more knitting done, but not all linked, and not all photographed… but have a look!

FO's for 2010

As far as resolutions go… I think I shall keep “breathe” as #1 on my list, and that will be followed closely by actually blogging. If anything, this year has been pretty light on the blog posts – I aim to rectify that – and respond to far more of you than I do. I’ve got the time to do so now, I can enjoy it. For the rest, you know – the usual – join the real world, earn some money, travel, read, explore, laugh, maybe look at learning a language, pick up some sort of dancing or another (again), do something about my handwriting, go to the theatre, the ballet, the orchestra, concerts, talks, lectures… and live. I guess that’s what it all comes down to, doesn’t it? I’m going to have fun living.

So long 2010, and thanks for all the fish. Happy New Year everybody! May it bring great things to all of you. 🙂



  1. ‘SNAP’ with the DA approved message.
    May 2011 bring you the sort of fish you look forward to.

  2. No you are not too bad at all. You’ve overcome a lot this year with grace and style and will continue to grow in that vein. It’s hard to deal with the disappointments you have had and not be negative, lots of people whinge about a lot less, but I know something special is in store. I look forward to reading, hearing and talking more of you this year. Im aiming to get my act together and come visit as well. Miss you, sending lots of good vibes xx

  3. I wonder what was going on this year, there were a lot of challenging situations for a lot of people. I too am thankful the year has ended. Here’s to a peaceful and productive 2011. Looking forward to seeing those socks fly off your needles 🙂

    1. I am planning on reading books in 2011 too! Since I started knitting so much, book reading took a real step back. But I’ve decided I can’t ignore my groaning bookshelves (of unread books) any more, and that a book is a lot easier to pick up and put down in a rush with the little dude. And I’m almost finished a book! A real novel that I haven’t read before! I’m very excited!

      Here’s to a great 2011 for you – lots of knitting, lots of books and lots of other good good things.

  4. I looked at your photo collage and was struck by the volume of blue space in it. I’ve never been, but those NZ islands must be so beautiful. Smell the serenity!

    happy new year s, I hope we might meet face to face in 2011.


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