And then there were ten…

Shawl #10 had very definite ideas about what it wanted to be. 5 different patterns were frogged before the yarn and I had a long, hard talk about what exactly it was looking for in a pattern before we agreed on the Traveling Woman shawl. I didn’t think it’d take that long to knit, but it became the Shawl That Wouldn’t Finish. But it did. Eventually. After I chanced my arm with one chart repeat too many and ended up frogging back to the (thoughtfully placed) lifeline after repeat #4. And she was modded, yes, but the mods work.

Oh. She is pretty. So very, very pretty. And cotton. I used Wolle’s Cotton for my Susan Pandorf Taize scarf, and I loved it:

I can't remember if I showed off this baby...

But this… this pattern and yarn were a match made in heaven. Look at this!

Doesn't that just look like water?
I'm insufferably smug about this one.

And it hangs so nicely. Sigh.

Now. I’ve named her Tar Miriel (rav link). She’ll be the last Tolkien-named FO for a while, I think, but the name suits the shawl. Tar Miriel was the last queen of Numenor in Tolkien’s story the Akallabeth (his Atlantis story). She was the innocent wife of a ruthless king and when the island was sinking, she ran up the side of the sacred mountain to pray before the waves washed over her, taking her pearls and turning them to seafoam. Much like the silver on the edge of the scarf. Possibly my favourite story in the silmarillion cycle. And just as apt for the ending of the 10 Shawls in 2010 challenge.

Which leads me to the challenge of 2011. Socks. s62011 and my own 6 to be exact. So here they are.

1 Firefly, 3 Needlefood and 2 Knitabulous yarns... all ready to go

You see there “a special kind of hell” from the Firefly yarn club; “Espresso”, “Scotty’s Sunflower”, and “Eat your greens” from Needlefood; and “Sacred Forest” and “Count Sockular” from the fantastic Knitabulous.

All bagged up and ready to play!

The first pattern is printed, and I can’t wait to get started.

Mind you, when I was gallivanting around the South Island with Gidgetknits and The Ram they call Jayne, hunting
Ninja Sheep (I am now the proud owner of one, caught and fastened to a ring, which is being worn), I discovered the best way to cure Second Sock Syndrome is to alternate between sock patterns. So here are the alternating sock patterns I’m (bravely) considering knitting along side my 6…

4 Solemates and 2 Lord of the Strings. This should be interesting...

I may need to buy some more footwear to show off my lovely socks…

On the bibliophile front. I’m proud to show off my reading pile for the foreseeable future. Nice to be able to ease myself back into some of the classics before rushing headlong into the dizzying maelstrom of literature out there. Mwahahahahaha.

More on each as I finish them...

I’ll have a 2010 in review up tomorrow. But I will leave you with more awesomeness from Christmas… I have a TARDIS.

Because decals (like bowties) are cool.


  1. Wow! The colour changes just go so well with the pattern repeats, a match made in heaven indeed and well worth the tries and retries to get it right. A huge success to end off a challenging year 🙂

    1. Thanks! I haven’t taken it off since I took the photos. Just so impressed with finishing the challenge, and on a piece like this – totally unexpected!


  2. I love your pile of reading…most interesting…though I have to admit, I got bored by the Great Gatsby…and the decal is just plain awesome. And, as always, I am in awe of your knitting skills…you should try doing a stall at the Craft market one day…:o)

    1. One day. When I get tired of knitting for me and my friends. 😉

      Gatsby is something that I’ve never really finished and I’m determined to. Mind you, I’m trying to find what I did with my copy of Farenheit 451 as well…

  3. Too cool, all of it. The reading pile, the tardis and that amazing shawl. Your 2010 retrospective is going to be pretty awesome, as are your sock plans for 2011. Lots to look forward to in the new year!

  4. That shawl is gorgeous! And I love that you’re wearing the Ninja sheep! And the decal IS cool. And everything is awesome! (Oh, and I love Gatsby to bits… I had a major Fitzgerald phase, though Tender is the Night is my favourite). The Ram They Call Jayne sends his New Year greetings – he’s bleating about needing some mudder’s milk around midnight!

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