The Silly Season.

I’m home! And feeling very geeky. My knitting is sharing my lap with my laptop, my iPad has my pattern on it, and there’s fruitcake and tea in easy reach. The doors are all open, and there are people having light conversation on the deck. It’s been a lazy day (although my lie-in was rudely interrupted with a text to wake me this morning. Seriously? Who interrupts a Christmas morning lie-in? Yes. Sue me. Actually, don’t.)

Okay, so I know lying-in on the 25th of December may be a foreign concept those who are up with the sparrows on Christmas morning, but we have Christmas Eve in my household – big dinner and presents happen on the 24th, and the 25th is all about lazing about, and my brother being beaten out of money in chipping contests (golf is a fickle game). It’s been a lovely day to work on my tan (I’m actually enjoying all the compliments. I could get used to this).

I have received some of the most awesome presents. Evar. A t-shirt with Darth Vader on it proclaiming “Who’s your Daddy?” (Courtesy of my brother. I think I’ve taught him well…?), A Ninja Sheep ring (only the person who gave it will understand who ridiculously awesomely awesome this is), Dr Horrible’s Sing-along-blog (this needs no explanation), and just great friends being great. But because I’ve had a chaotic couple of weeks, my Christmas presents to others will be delayed. There are a few on the needles… and some stuck in snow somewhere in Europe. These things happen…

And before I continue, I feel the need to re-share this. Again. For this year.

And back to the regular programming:

Tomorrow will see me agonize over which of my millions of sock yarn skeins will go into my s62011 collection, and which 6 will go into my sock club. My Lord of the Strings and Solemates clubs for 2010 have been very, very awesome and I’ve got some lovely socks lined up to knit from them. The 10th Shawl will be done in the next few days, and 2011 will be the year of the sock. And some scarves. But mostly socks. I need to definitely expand my sock collection.

Because the new year seems to be rushing along to meet us at a breakneck pace, I’m starting to think about goals, GAAK, resolutions and all those other niggly things we find ourselves pondering at this time of the year. More on that later. At the right time. But here’s hoping 2011 is going to be a blast. There are great things around the corner. Just going to keep with that line, no?

Anyway, hope you’re all having a lovely, wonderful, amazing day with those you love, I’m going back to mine. 🙂



  1. Dances around geekily while singing
    “I cannot believe my eyes
    Is the world finally growing wise?
    Because it seems to me
    Some kind of harmony
    Is on the rise”

    Merry Xmas

  2. so glad to hear you had a nice relaxing day. and today there is cricket to look forward to! cant wait to see your sock yarn choices. im looking forward to a year of GAAK too. and the darth vader tshirt is about the coolest thing ive ever heard of.

  3. And we’ve got the Doctor Who Christmas Special tonight – I’ve been delaying full Christmas cheer for tonight!

  4. Having a lie-in is just not possible on the 25th in our household. I have one child who (although she is 24 and not really a child) yells, Get UpGetUPGetUp!. I have to get up to save her from being murdered by her sisters.

    It sounds like you had a lovely day. We’re expecting the snow that is falling on your blog here in real time tomorrow. I can’t wait.

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