Samsāra… and other talk of new beginnings.

The last time we saw the protagonist of this blog, she was happily thinning apples to the music held on her shiny little iPod, Jayne. Well, gentle reader, it has been… a memorable few weeks for the protagonist. There was a difficult decision that had to be made, and one that was out of her hands. In short, the black dog made a grand entrance, and we now find her in the very windy city of Wellington. On a stormy and bleak Midsummer’s Day. Just the way things should be in this particular city…

Well, it’s been a rough few weeks. I will say more as time progresses and the manic panic settles down. (A day shopping in the driving rain and copious amounts of tea can only do so much, but it’s a start). But, the manic panic is still there. Once again I find myself trying to figure out how I managed to get so many amazing friends – countries and time zones be damned! The best thing to come out of what has been a year in limbo is that I can start over completely in 2011. What I will be doing and where is still floating around up in the ether, but Things now Can and Will Be Done.

So. I’ve found myself in Wellington, looking for a job, deciding what it is I want to be now that I need to grow up, and panicking about a number of things, up to and including how Christmas has snuck up on me. And realizing, in a downpour and watching a couple of guys do somersaults off Jervois Quay that I can actually start going through that book list I’ve been keeping for the past 6 years. When I can find it. (I’m pretty sure by now some of you have guessed what one of the bombshells was…)

Admittedly, it looked like a helluva lot of fun.

And once I get shawl #10 finished, I can look forward to s62011, and making socks next year. I have all this yarn from several yarn clubs now, and I’m sure my mother won’t complain if I’m knitting socks instead of shawls. 😉

So? What have I been up to, apart from numbly trying to figure out what to do with my life? This may sound a little blasé, but those who know how organised I like to be may realise the full extent of the chaos that has just hit me. If I don’t laugh I’ll cry. Oh wait… never mind. Right. Where was I?

Before the meltdown, I was thoroughly enjoying my time in Tasman Bay.

I’d been to the Twenty20 cricket…

This game was more riveting at times than the one on the field...

Walked around Nelson, the Motueka markets and an A&P show…

The centre of Nelson.
The crafts were closed for judging the entire time we were there...

Been out to the pretty beaches (in the rain)

Kaiteriteri in the rain.
The Janie Seddon from Motueka Quay

Had fun swinging from ropes into the river…

I rediscovered the lost art of the swinging cannonball...

And knitted a hat in a few hours. I seriously love this pattern.

Hat done... fingerless gloves to come...

But it was a stunning place to escape to. And I’m sure I will escape there a few more times in the future. I mean. Look at this.

I wonder if I can get commission from Tourism NZ?!

And this…

Sunset from my bedroom window

And this.

This was just down the road from the Buddhist Ashram. Isn't it gorgeous?

It was fantastic to be there, get a tan, listen to music and begin to attempt to switch my brain off for a while. I think I’ve started to at least get it to stop over-thinking things. Actually… No, I lie. That’s a work in progress. But, I can now not think for small period of time. I think the Fearless Hostess can at least be proud of getting me that far down the path of Zen and the art of apple thinning.

For now, I’m about to go brave the gale force winds and to do something about getting an external hard drive and possibly another cup of tea.

You know. I think I like this city. I’d forgotten that.



  1. I’m assuming that the major work has been passed as suitable for submission, and not panned as utterly hopeless… Please confirm! I’m hanging here in agony…

    And Wellington remains one of my top favourite cities in the world.

  2. Ah, you’re making my fingers itch to pack up again!!! Bright new shiny horizons… emphasis on shiny!

    1. if you’re still looking for a landlady for the dream B&B you’re thinking of, now is a good time to hire me. 😉

  3. Oh, what’s happened? Do tell, I’m getting a bad feeling. Except, getting your life back is a really great thing. I do hope you’re ok.

  4. Hope everything is ok?
    You aren’t the only one Christmas has snuck up upon, I still can’t believe it is only a few days away, even though I have actually done shopping etc. It just doesn’t really feel like it this year.

    1. Well, getting there. Things seem to be getting better. But I can understand how Christmas has snuck up on you. It must be all very exciting though up on your side of the ditch, yes?

  5. I have been thinking about you wondering what was going on. I hope you are feeling OK. I understand about the black dog, having experienced that in my life.
    I love Wellington. My partner and I went there on a memorable holiday tour, and when we were there, we lucked it for sunshine and no wind! I love Cuba St.

    1. Cuba Street is lovely, isn’t it? I’ve managed the full stormy Wellington treatment while I’ve been here. 🙂

      1. Best breakfast I’ve ever had in Cuba Street!

        Have a great Christmas and may 2011 bring all good things.

  6. Sound like a lot of ups and downs. Hope the dust settles soon and you can start moving forward. Best wishes for a safe and settled Christmas.

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