Checking in…

It’s been cold and miserable today. So no venturing out into the orchards. Sad to say, the fire was prepped and lit at 4 (it was freezing inside). And I managed to get another Amanda Hat on and off the needles for the Fearless Hostess (who lost her last one in London). I found some lovely felted 8ply merino at the Nelson markets… Still enough to make some matching fingerless gloves. When my Annis is done… 🙂 I’ll start the nupps as soon as this post is finished.

I’ll have more plus photos tomorrow. Including FO’s!

How’s everybody?



  1. I’m fine. I’m now very popular at work thanks to the judicious spreading around of pineapple chunks. My workmates thank you (especially Colin from the Waikato who was especially moved). I’m still hoarding the hazelnut bars.

  2. I thought it was moving toward summer down there? It’s been freezing this week here but it’s almost winter so we expect it.

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