Of honest labour and apples trees…

I don’t think I can honestly say that I’ve managed to callous my lovely lily-white hands since I worked as a petrol attendant in the Summer of 2001. Until now. (Not that I have calluses yet, but I’ll be very surprised if I don’t by the end of the month). Two days of apple thinning later, and I think I’ve finally got the gist of what I should be doing: around 6 hours in the morning of me, the trees, blue sky, sunshine and music. This is some kind of heaven. For now (I have to put this in writing for when I am sick to death of apple thinning and am longing for a desk chair and/or my SKY TV and sport.)

This is my office for the next 5 weeks, from 7am (later it will be 6) until 1 (or 12). Doesn’t that look great?

Down the orchard road
My first row of trees...

Yesterday, it became blindly apparent that some form of music player that is not Vera the iPad was necessary to get me through hours of plucking baby apples off numberless trees, and it was going to be needed soon. So a highly entertaining bike ride later (after the Fearsome Hostess – this moniker may change if violence is threatened ;p – managed to get me horrifically turned around, and oh hey, it’s true what they say about never forgetting to ride a bike), and Vera has a new companion. Meet Jayne.

Well, those who have seen the Easter Egg know Jayne can sing.

20 hours and some 300 songs later, and I have a faithful companion to entertain me. As long as I don’t lose it. These iPod shuffles are tiny. And yes, it is another piece of Apple technology. I still maintain that my next phone will be an HTC running Android. I cling to that belief. Yes.


So, now for a little peek around the place. This is where I have discovered cherries as a respectably cheap price (not quite $4/kg, but anything under 10 is going to make me happy), and isn’t it awesome? I like this shop!

Toad Hall

And, look at this for the first day of Summer…

High Street...

Gorgeous, isn’t it? And now, I need to think about bed. I have an early morning. More adventures to follow! Oh, and maybe even some knitting…



  1. Awwwww…. li’l Jayne!!! 😀 I’m tempted to say, hang on there, I’m packing the now soggy pup and will be there soon… but I have my own apple tree to thin first. It’s just one. What’s the deal with thinning?

  2. I think it looks like hard work! I have callouses on my hands from odd things (like wearing rings) not from hard physical work.

    THat sky is gorgeous. Since it is windy and rainy and miserable here today, it was especially welcome to see it.

    I love my mp3 player. i don’t know how I’d get through the day without it. I have a mixture of audio books and music so I always have entertainment.

  3. Oh my…the photos have made me somewhat homesick but it sounds like you are having a blast…why did I never think of doing something like that!

    Anyway, Jayne looks gorgeous and I’m sure you’ll get that HTC Android phone…:o)

  4. heh, toad hall. funny. getting callouses from working is not tho. dont get too carried away there! also, just upgraded from my HTC magic to legend running android 2.2 and its totally awesome. i will forgive you the ipad and shuffle if you get the phone!

  5. Ah home….

    Which orchard/where are you thinning?

    Also, what area are you staying in?

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