Oh! The places you will go…

Spontaneity is something that I have missed this year, as my life has been on hold in some manner or another, and with next year still being uncertain, I decided that spontaneity is something that I deserve – even for a little while.

I’ve had a lovely two weeks of sleeping in, knitting like a demon, road-tripping out to see an old friend, and reading. And tomorrow I will fly down to the South Island to stay with said old friend for 5 weeks, thin apple trees, work some more on my thesis, and… I am almost ashamed to say, experience the fabled kiwi summer that I should have had 10 years ago. Swimming in rivers, climbing mountains, tickey tours, music, BBQ’s, exploring national parks, and knitting. Even though I am lugging my thesis along with me (she has a Master’s thesis to finish herself), I can honestly say that this is my first real summer holiday since the cat fell out the apple (haha) tree.

So my bag is packed (I’m taking the Mountain View to start and the Goldberry to finish my 10 in 2010), the camera is charged and plans have been made for me. Fantastic. So I’m going to attempt to blog (and read blogs) frequently while I’m off on my adventure. I’m going to a stunning part of NZ (okay, apart from Auckland, where in NZ is not stunning? The entire country should come with the caveat you see driving around England: You’re about to enter an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).)

Apart from having a break, performing some honest manual labour, and getting my Lit Review up to scratch, let’s see how far along on the mountain view I can get. I’m thinking of doing the sleeves first… But I won’t cast on until I’m there. I’ve my Boulevard Zip (Knitscene Fall 2010) OTN here, and I’m just about finish the body. I’m using Bendi cotton in the sepia and it is gorgeous (apart from the knot about 120m in… grrr). Seriously, this stuff is great. Why did I not know about it earlier?

So, apart from popping in to say I’m still alive – how is everybody? Time for food, and last minute packing.
See you all on the other side…



  1. You certainly deserve a holiday. New Zealand is one of those places that I’d like to see. the photos are always so beautiful. I think most places have some natural beauty if you look but it looks like magic lives there.

    Have a wonderful time!

  2. yay for a real holiday (well ok, the thesis is still there but you know what i mean). you have totally earnt it, have a great time!! and cant wait to see you in mountain view!

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