Ah! Freedom!

Who would have thought that 4 months solid slog would make you feel so exhausted when you stop? And how incredibly bored you’d be? Granted, I’m still trying to get over the guilt of not working on my thesis, but I need at least a week off to recharge. Then I can think about re-addressing my lit review.

But there’s been cricket, and rugby union, and rugby league (ha! Benji you beaut), and golf, and my birthday (only one lot of yarn… I’m slipping… >.<), and my brother’s birthday, and now I feel the urge to watch Serenity and the entire (and only) season of Firefly. I may or may not have also spent hours playing Civ IV and Plants vs. Zombies already.

And I finished my Taize shawl. See?

I used Wolle’s Colour Changing Cotton, and it is gorgeous to knit with and washes beautifully. The moral of the story, however, is not all colour changes are created equal. I had to frog several times for the end (in the red), because I had (erroneously) assumed that the solid blue and the solid red would be the same length, and I had made calculations to finish repeats and start the border to that effect. No. Didn’t happen. Have become adept at performing lace triage in dim religious light, and finished it, and it’s beautiful, but the imbalance did irk me. But it is just so soft and so pretty. I have another skein in a navy-blue-light blue-white colour, and I believe that’s going to be a dayflower… yes. Can’t wait!

So that was #8 of 10 for 10 Shawls in 2010, and I’m at about 50% on my second Emily Shawl. This time in Morris and Sons Empire – and I can tell you, it’s going to be amazing in the 2ply, and it’s such lovely springy yarn to work with. The knot joining two strands about 100m in was not a winner in the skein I’m using, but I have managed to work around that. It should be done and blocked to show off on the weekend. I’ve got about 6 hours in a bus coming up this week to see a BFF who’s been in Cape Town studying for a Masters in Dance. Am thinking of starting shawl 10 (the Foreign Correspondent’s Scarf), which is going to be in Vintage Purls “Karma” (the most beautiful emerald green)… or maybe a pair of socks… Like Monkeys… which I have yet to knit. I don’t know… suggestions?

And I’m going to Harry Potter on Thursday night too. (Which reminds me, I need to see #6. I kind of missed it on the big screen). So yay, finally having a little break. And that means you’ll be hearing a lot more from me. That’s a promise.

Speaking of promises… The draw for the 300-post thank you goes to M-H! So pm me your address in Ravelry and I’ll send you something lovely from the Bay of Plenty. 🙂

Food, knitting and The Mentalist await! So until next post, adieu!



  1. OMG!! Moi? OMG! How lovely to win something after the rotten crappy month and a half I’ve had! Off to Ravelry now.

    Thanks so much.

  2. We just watched the entire Firefly season and then Serenity. I loved all of it. I understand the feeling of guilt and insecurity after a (very) long project. I think your brain forgets how to stop thinking about it.

    Enjoy your freedom!

  3. Great to see you back. Enjoy your freedom! It is hard to settle after the end of a big thing, but I am sure will find lots of new things to do and create and enjoy.

  4. definitely important to take time to breath, youve achieved so much, under such difficult circumstances, i dont know how you did it. well i do, actually, so that means i should be listened to in relation to taking a breather 🙂 such an amazing looking shawl, and there is something on its way across the ditch. email me when you get it and i will explain what it is. hehe.

  5. Enjoy your break it is indeed a well deserved one. Commiserations on the knot in your yarn I’m almost at the point where I will rewind a ball before using it just to make sure there aren’t any knots. Hope there aren’t any more hiding in there and the rest of the swahl is plain sailing.

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