300 up!

Well, hello again. You’re looking awfully dashing there. I haven’t seen you for ever!

Yes, well, mea culpa and all that. In a little over a week I’ll be handing in a fully revised 80k+ draft that looks nothing like it did 4 months ago. You can understand how something like that would put a major stop to everything and sundry. There has been very little knitting, but I am up to shawls 8 and 9 of my 10 Shawls in 2010 quota (when I finally update my side bar), and I should have progress pictures for everything when I have time to breathe next weekend (and I am so looking forward to next weekend. It’s like a mirage in the desert at the moment. But I’m hoping soon it will start looking a little more solid).

But now… I’m celebrating post 300. I should have been here months ago. Really! But guilt free blogging meant that I wanted to have something to talk about before I actually posted. But, I got nothing. I just missed you all instead. I’m really looking forward to the resumption of regular services come mid-November, just in time for the sun and the summer. I haven’t quite made it down to the beach yet, but I’m hoping to rectify that situation soon (one more week… that’s my mantra), and get some serious knitting done. And seeing friends, and being social. (Social?! What’s that?!)

I’ll save the long, boring, reflective post until the end of December. Right now I’m celebrating my last ton of posts, and toasting to the next 100. Thanks for sticking with me and reading. I’ve been terrible with the posting and the reading of blogs myself in the last few months – I’m going to have to schedule at least 4 days to catch up with everybody’s news. And, to say thank you and hooray, there is, as always, a goodie draw. You know the deal. Leave a comment, and I’ll draw from those who have posted on the 8th, and send something nice your way.

So who’s still here? Anybody?
I’ll see you all properly and with something intelligent to say on the 12th! *waves*

(I leave you with my Emily Shawl from Knitscene Winter/Spring 2010 – in Knitabulous fiftyfifty Tokyo Rose from the Black Japan yarn club. Seriously a stunning colour and beautiful pattern. I’m going to make another in Morris & Sons empire, just to see how it looks in a 2ply. I’m optimistic…

"Rosie" - #7 of 10 Shawls in 2010


  1. WooHoo 300! :o) Still loving my mittens btw. Though I am finding it difficult to type while wearing them…;o)

    1. Thanks. Hope you’re well! I just saw you have chooks! And a deck! Awesome. Need to catch up on what you’ve been doing.

  2. Lovely shawl. Nice new blog too. And well done on the rewrite. That was the hardest thing of all, I imagine.

  3. nice new theme! i dont think anyone noticed mine 😦 and i know where youre at, goddamn pensky, but im so glad to hear youre coming out the other side. what doesnt kill us and all that. thank god for knitting to keep us sane. and im still here, always here! xx

    1. I noticed your theme. It’s what inspired me to change mine. I like yours. Reminded me of Austen for some reason. Some lovely old Manor somewhere. Is the photo yours? Is it from Italy?

  4. Wow – 80,000 words! And I thought doing a 5000w essay was time consuming! What a great achievement.

    And the shawl – well, just gorgeous! Glad you haven’t forgone the knitting altogether!

    1. Knitting’s keeping me sane! 😉 How are you going? I must pop along and see your adventures too! Anything planned for next week?

  5. Thought you had dropped off the planet. Glad to see you are still here, and still knitting. Congrats on the rewrite also. I have Librarian tales to tell, must drop you a line.

  6. I’m holding my breath that there won’t be too many revisions (I understand some are kind of mandatory but hopefully they’ll be so bowled over by your brilliance that they’ll just hand it back and say you misspelled a word).

  7. Wow! I think I had deliberately forgotten the word count required for a PhD. The shawl is lovely. I hope that despite the busyness of writing your thesis you still manage to complete your 10 in 2010. Such a big challenge to attempt at the same time as thesis writing. Good luck with both of them.

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