We interrupt this radio silence with a transmission

Sorry I’ve been so silent. Bear with me. My thesis draft is due on 11 October, and I’m in the middle of some serious structural changes and an almost complete overhaul of content as per the request of my panel. Yes, it is hell, it is not pleasant, and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemies. Actually, hold that thought. Then again… nah, I wouldn’t. But anyway, the end of the top of the hill is nearly in sight. Then it’ll be (hopefully) a smooth ride down to the finishing line.

So. Just a few more weeks to go and then I can re-enter the wonderful world of blogging, and can knit(!) almost guilt free.

Not much to say while the Real World is on pause for me. But I can’t wait to get back to what must be the squillions of blog posts I’ve missed and catch up with y’all. See you all in a few!


PS: Next post is also #300. How exciting!



  1. Meanwhile, here in the pit… I have spent the day writing out a list that goes: question, answer; then the question raised by that answer, answer; the question raised by that answer, answer; the question raised by that answer, answer… All in an attempt to structure the meat of my argument.

    I think it’s made things a bit clearer. Or maybe not

  2. oh i feel your pain. i get slightly nauseas just thinking about it. the seemingly endless abyss, the black pit of despair. i will tell you one thing tho, it will end. if you keep going, you will finish. i cant tell you it will be worth it, cos sometimes its not, but it will be finished, and you will get your life back. thinking of you xx

  3. It would be nice if your panel would stay with one path for a while so you can just get it all done. Wishing you smooth sailing down the other side of that enormous mountain and abundant guilt free knitting time.

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