Oh hai! Remember me?

Yeah, howdy strangers. It’s been a while. Apathy has unfortunately abounded, but the need to connect with the big wide world trumps silence.

So yes. I bring this blog post to you from my shiny iPad. Her name is Vera. Yes, that is a shamelessly (almost) obscure pop culture reference. I like it. And I think The Ram they call Jayne does too. Actually, I know he does. I have his approval and baaa-lessing. Anyway, yes. I’ve sold my soul to Steve Jobs for a piece of software. However, let the record stand that this is the first and last Mac product I will buy. HTC will get my smartphone vote. But anyway. Yes. My brother, who has an iPhone, says that Vera is an oversized version of his baby, but without the ability to make phone calls.

That may be true. But since it does everything I need as a research tool (readings, e-research, music player, quick editor, planner…), and it’s pretty foolproof to use – even my dad can use it, I’m considering it a geek win for me. It does more than kindle, its portable, and its got a good battery life. And searching through my articles is just so great. Sigh. Anyway, enough plugging.

I’ve been trying to write my thesis. I’ll admit, its been weeks of hell and second guessing for me over the last few months. But I’m just going to have to come out and thank Becky, M-H, and Kylie for your words of wisdom and pointers, because really… Sanity savers the lot of you!

On the knitting front, I’m currently on the first sleeve of Ysolda’s Vivan, which I’m knitting in Cascade 220, in a glorious teal colour. It’s the first time I’ve managed to get my grubby paws on this stuff, and isn’t it just so lovely? I’m smitten. Also, I was mildly terrified coming to this pattern. I mean, cables and moss stitch? Why yes, I do have a death wish, thank you for noticing. In all honesty, I’m surprised how easy and relaxing this has been. The body of the sweater flew off the needles, and I’ve just restarted the one sleeve because of sizing issues, but it’s been fun so far. And I’m going to live in it when I’m done.

I’ve also got kells and mountain fold socks on the needles, but they’ve been paused because of Vivian, so technically, I’m in a monogamous knitting relationship at the moment. Surprisingly, its not bothering me at all. Shocking. There are mithril socks (unique sheep yarn club, yay!) and sequoia socks (solemates sock club) lined up too. I’ve enjoyed my handknitted socks so far, and I need more. They make life good.

So yes, I’m still alive. Now that the thesis is looking better, I’ll start talking some more. I also need to charge my camera battery…

Until tomorrow, I hope.



  1. why hello i think i do remember you! seriously tho, cyberspace is a bit boring when youre not in it. i cant believe your knitting vivian, well i can, cos you would, and its gorgeous, but moss stitch on its own is enough to send me running. let alone with cables. it will look amazing tho. get your camera fixed and show us what else youve been knitting. and ive said all that needs to be said about the Beast. kill the bastard xx

  2. You can best that thesis. I have faith in you. My husband has an iphone (and is waiting impatiently for his birthday to upgrade to an iphone4) and he loves it. While I am a technology dinosaur and have a phone that only makes phone calls, I will admit having the iphone has been a blessing sometimes.

  3. The brain is a strange organ. It has its own seasons and it won’t be rushed. I’ll bet you will fly through the last stages – boring through they might be – and get brilliant examiners’ reports.

  4. Welcome back! There are pictures probably in the Bendi Bingo flickr set, maybe in the forum on Bendi show on Rav of a person making a call using her iPad during the dinner on Friday night. It was seriously giggle worthy but apparently possible. Just thought I’d let you know in case your thesis starts to do your head in again and you need something truly fun to work out.

    As for Vivian, I consider you to be a completely crazy person in the nicest way of course, it looks spectacular.

  5. Hi, welcome back! and glad to know you’re feeling better about the thesis. Can’t wait to see the finished Vivian.

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