Early morning musings.

So, sleep and I are having a little disagreement. Okay, maybe a big disagreement at the moment. I should probably be more concerned than I currently am, but hey – I’ve got the cycling streaming in the background and I’m not going to complain. A 10-hour difference is very inconvenient for watching things, but our current arrangement seems to be working. It’s been a very exciting start to this year’s Tour, so my being awake hasn’t been for nought.

I’m taking part in this year’s TdFKAL on Ravelry again, this time I’m knitting for Team Sky (in honour of Greg Henderson, who didn’t make the Sky TdF team this year, c’est la vie). I was going to do my Evenstar, but I think I need to give her more attention than I feel that I could… so I’ve decided to finish some socks and other wips on the go instead. I managed to get Dad’s next pair of Fargyles in some Cleckheaton Vintage Hues that I had lying around. He really likes the pair I did in the Needlefood Worsted for Father’s Day last year. The staff meet in the Wharenui once a week, and it’s a strictly no-shoes place. He likes to show off his hand-knitted socks there, and they are noticed. I just complied with another pair, and once they’re dry, I will post some more. It too 2.1 balls of yarn for a Men’s size 10 on 3.75mm needles – just under 90m per sock. I thought that was pretty impressive, and the yarn works the pattern amazingly.

My Temperance socks are coming on beautifully. I fell in love with Vintage Purl‘s “The Haunting” colourway when I saw it, and it works so well the the pattern here. I had to frog and re-do the heel because I’d knitted the foot too short (no gusset, I may change that the next time I knit them), but I should finish sock #1 either on Friday night or during the rugby on Saturday. I’m then going to re-tackle the heel-turn on my Hyacinth sock. The yarn is gorgeous but the pattern probably too complex for my taste… still, I want to get it done. I’m thinking that alternating sock completions will cancel out second sock syndrome.

For my next trick I’m going to try Tilding Tardis socks (stay tuned), the Mountain Fold socks and Kells… I really should invest in another 2 or 3 pairs of knitpicks 2.5mm 40cm circs. I just need to get around to ordering them. I’ve forgotten how fun sock knitting is. I must also get my act together and start another jersey/cardi for me. Not that I have the time at the moment, but I should. Maybe when all my wips are done.

Speaking of wips. It’s amazing how, when you really start second-guessing everything, TPTB point a fairy godperson in your direction. One of these days Murphy and I are going to have a little talk about his sense of humour, but how it happens is just something else. I’ve a few fairy godpeople floating around at the moment, and its great how a simple word of encouragement (or mad tale of insanity of adventures in Southern Africa) can really make life good. Even if I am a million miles away from all my friends. (Not you Piper, but we do need to do movies. Soon).

So. Who’s still out there? I’ve just tried to plough through my blog reader… yikes. How is everybody? Still with me and all my rambling? I’ve 60km left of the stage to watch/listen… Maybe I should get a wip going…



  1. That’s a lot of knitting on the go!! The Fargyles are so cute, I had not noticed the pattern before. I am not TdF-ing this year. Year off!!!

  2. I’m not TdF ing this year either. It’s been all World Cup all the time at my house. You have a lot of wips going at once during the tour!

    Not being able to sleep is painful after a while. Maybe it’s just readjustment after the trip?

  3. Gosh, that is a lot of socks. I agree that swapping socks does help with SSS but I still find that one pair will end up without a partner!!
    Good luck with the TdFKAL. I’m doind Tour de Fleece again this year to get some of this fibre stash down! eek!
    Take care x

  4. socks socks socks! i must go looking for my sock mojo, where has it gone? i am hoping a little trip to bendigo might bring it back. loving the TdF, hating the time zones. le sigh. not looking forward to tri nations humiliation either.

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