Desperately seeking Strider…

So they let me out of the North Island and back into Middle-earth for a few days. I had to give up sports (except when discussing things with the bus driver and any Aussie boys in the vicinity. Never mind. Aussies. They’re everywhere in the South Island. You can’t walk anywhere without them being underfoot. I am told it’s a similar situation with Kiwis on the Gold Coast. Huh).

I went on an adventure that involved Ninja Sheep (and no, there was no alcohol involved in that discussion), a Ram they call Jayne (never you mind), a teddy bear called Prof, horses named Sam (he’s a movie star) and Biscuit (who wants to be a movie star), lots of snow, even more Mexican food, the endless quest for the perfect hot lemon ginger and honey (Thank Heavens for the Dunedin Farmer’s Market), old friends, talking smack, ducks, hens, goats, train rides, an almost suspiciously Cthol Mishrak-like Christchurch (brownie points for whomever gets that reference), and attempts to enable at every turn, ridiculously early mornings, a Lord of the Rings movie pilgrimage and yarn. Oh, and Davie Bowie runs the best non-soundtrack to *any* muted movie. In saying that however, I will never be able to watch Star Trek in the same light again. Nor will I ever be able to watch Bones or see a pastrami sandwich without cracking up even more than usual (Thank you David Boreanaz).

But even better, I managed to meet another yarn celebrity in the form of Needlefood’s Michelle and stash dive through her yarn (In an amazing display of self-control, I only walked away with 4 skeins). I got to see a few previews and even named two colours. Whether they stick is another story, but I’m a proud owner of “Tardis Blue” sock yarn, and that makes me happy. Michelle is brilliantly fantastic, and your upcoming colours are quite amazing. As is the merino-silk yarn she’s got. Mmmmmmm.

Anyway, you probably deserve some photos. Not too many, I don’t want to bore you, but these are some of the better ones, I think…

On the tranzalpine to Greymouth
Snowy Queenstown... from the Skyline
Paradise, looking towards the Fiordland National Park
Dunedin Farmer's Market at the Railway Station
Knitting Guild building, Christchurch Art Centre
"Hello Sweetie". River Song strikes again.

There was also knitting. I’ll post soon on that. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve promised before, but I really need to. There’s also a cobblestone to talk about that has been severely neglected. Apathy aside, its good to be back. I really did need a holiday. 😉

Oh, and no, despite several unconfirmed sightings, we did not see Strider, Legolas, Gimli or Faramir. The reason why they insisted on running all over snowy mountains still escapes me. They should have really taken the bus. It was far more comfortable…



  1. what an amazing adventure! so glad you got to have a break and see so many great things, and that you got home safely too. shame about the no-strider though!

  2. well I went through your photos on Facebook and do agree you picked some of the best. NZ is such a photogenic country though – she shines so prettily!

    The Tardis blue is perfect for you!

  3. What gorgeous photos! They look so cool. Strider is now available at sunflower designs. Didn’t you know? I got one…..

  4. Oh, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’ve been hiding Faramir under my bed for a year or two now. But I hear you can buy Legolas over at Sunflower Designs with Strider…

    1. So that’s what happened to Faramir. It makes complete sense now. 🙂

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