Goodness, is it June already?

I blinked and May was gone.

Forgive my absence, gentle readers – its been a long and harrowing few weeks, and there is still many miles to go before the dawn. I have many a photo-heavy blog post to update of all the pretty yarn I’ve managed to acquire, and the projects I have on the go.

So what can I say? My class are halfway through a director’s study (we’re looking at Steven Spielberg), and I’ve just about survived Saving Private Ryan again. Once was enough… but my kids are an interesting bunch, and the discussion is going to be one that I’m looking forward to having – once they’ve accepted that they have to have a break between movies.

The thesis… is going. It’s hard work, but I know what I want it to look like, and now it’s just sorting it out.

The knitting. I have 5 rows to go on Rivendell, so I really should just sit down and finish it tonight. I’ve also got some mittens on the go for my adventures in the South Island, but more on that in a later post, a scarf and a vest that are semi-done, and a cowl that is almost halfway there. There’s a story to that cowl, and I’ll tell it once it’s finished. I’ve managed to get my grubby paws on some Cascade 220 and 220 Heathers – one for a CPH and one for a Carter Cardigan (in Westpoint Blue too! I’m such a geek). I’m itching to get started, but I need to get these other WIPS done first. I’ve got some commissioned piece to do too, and am planning socks (I think) for my bus trips around the south. I now have the shoes to show off my lovelies (another post coming up there), I just need to do something about it.

So yes, I’m alive. I’ve been thinking of you even if I have been absent. I promise to talk more. There’s much to say, I just need to make time to say it. Oh, and get pictures to show and tell. And suddenly I have the urge for cookies and hot chocolate. It’s been cold and wet here, and we lost a chunk of the garden to a landslide last night. 100mm of rain in 90 min will do that. Apparently it was a once in 100 year occurrence. Funny, because we had a similar event last week. And they tell us it’s going to be a warmer, drier winter here. Huh. Anyway, here’s hoping more doesn’t decide to descend on the neighbour’s house tomorrow. He didn’t put up retaining walls after he cleared the hill… he was warned. But still, I feel really sorry for the guy.

Moving on. I have rooibos to drink, and a dog to bug. Will have photos for everybody soon! 🙂



  1. I would love to sit in on one of your classes…I bet it is very interesting! :o)

  2. Can I share your rooibus? 🙂 Nice to see you back blogging… I need more material for procrastination!

  3. But, the most important thing: are you going to be in Napier on the last weekend in August so we can procrastinate together?

    1. I would love to… but it all depends on a job I’ve applied for… I’m saving up j.i.c…

  4. hello! So glad to see you here. Have missed you a lot. Please just pop by a little more often? and maybe show us your finished Featherweight?

  5. You have been busy! And yes, it’s June. Half the year is gone already (how did that happen?)

    Take some time in there to rest. You want to look healthy for job interviews.

  6. you won a prize in the knitabulous yarn competition!

    Do you want the sushi cutlery set (ie: more cute chopsticks)?

    Email me at to let me know you got this message – I already have your address..


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