FO- Featherweight Challenge.

On the 17th of April, my cardi looked like this: Just shy of 700m (191g) of 4ply polworth-silk from Tarndwarncoort that I bought at the OBDM Celebration of Wool a year ago (and promptly drowned in creaming soda).

featherweight cardi

My mother bet me that I could not have a Featherweight Cardigan finished in 2 weeks, and I accepted her challenge. 13 days later (and just 11 days of knitting), my yarn cake looked like this.

featherweight cardi

featherweight cardi

featherweight cardi

It has been modded, as you can see (all the mods can be found on rav. I used roughly 527m (147g) of glorious, glorious yarn. (I’m going to have to send money to somebody to get me some more of this stuff. It is simply amazing). It’s a size 34″ with waist shaping and double ribbing around the edges. I added an extra inch to the body, and, because I wasn’t sure how much yarn I was going to have, knitted the collar before the sleeves. I will make this again, to absolute spec next time, because it is a wonderful, wonderful pattern and it’s going to be a well-loved and frequently worn cardigan. My first cardigan. The first of many.

I’ve called this cardi my Haleth Cardigan. Haleth was a leader of one of the first tribes of Men in Middle-earth. After her father died, she took up his position and fought Morgoth’s Orcs that came out of the North. Her people settled the land between Doriath and the passes that lead out towards Morgoth’s keep. While strong women are considered a rarity in The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion is filled with them. Haleth was the first. Even though she lived a hard life and bore no children, her name was given to one of the Three Houses of Men. And that is fairly significant. But onto the yarny stuff…

If I were allowed, I would probably spend all day singing the praises of this yarn. It’s not scratchy, it’s soft, it drapes beautifully, the colour is sublime, it knits up like butter with nickel needles, it’s so light, and a little goes a very long way. And I still have 43g left to make a cowl out of. I am itching to make another featherweight… and I will, once the malabrigo in Paris Night ;p that I ordered 8 months ago finds its way to me. I also have a skein and a half of the alpine pearl laceweight… that would be enough. But there’s Hannah Fettig’s whisper cardigan to also think about. And I am thinking about it. And my other sweater projects: one is Jared Flood’s “Ramona” that I managed to snaffle some Bendi Melody in that coveted chocolate brown (and believe me, that is one gorgeous colour). I’ve also ordered some Melody in black for another RTA. This time with really unique buttons. And some Cascade 220 Tweed for a CPH, and the many shawls and pairs of socks I want to knit. And some mittens and cowls and hats and scarves. And more cardigans.

Time however, is a completely different story. I’m rewriting that final chapter for my thesis… so close, and yet so far away. Maybe I can knit when I’m editing. Somehow I think that’s a very foolish notion. I’ve technically got 3 wips on the go at the moment (but 1 is hibernating), and I’m itching to cast on some more. Multnomah is no longer feeling the love, although the yarn certainly is. And the VP lace does not want to be a geodesic. I think it wants to be a whisper cardi. But we’re still negotiating there…



  1. huzzah! You are a marvel! Well done Shelley. It looks marvellous. Welcome to the featherweight club.

    I have felt Dr K’s featherweight. it’s wonderful. I want one in that yarn too!

  2. Wow, it’s so lovely!! It does look light as a feather and I really like the collar and front band. Good name too!!I’m off to Ravelry to see some of the others you mentioned….

  3. Amazing – a whole cardi in less than 2 weeks! Looks great!

    I have some of that yarn too – but sadly not enough for me to make a whole cardi from…

  4. Now, that’s just unfair! A cardigan THAT great in under a fortnight! Can you knit me one too? 🙂 I’m thinking of the Whisper too! And did you see the Austin Hoodie? I need more knitting time – good work with the chapters!

  5. i am very pleased to see it knitted up so beautifully, i am planning on getting stuck into mine very seriously this week. its so lovely tho i keep stopping to fondle it. nice work!

  6. I am so totally in awe of you! Less than two weeks? You are a knitting goddess. It looks beautiful. I think I want one now.

  7. Wow! Two weeks for a cardi plus everything else you have been working on including the thesis is amazing. It looks wonderful on, I can see why it’s so popular.

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