It’s a challenge!

DrK has been talking about her next featherweight cardi in what she has termed tom-the-hot-farmer polworth silk. I bought a skein as well with her at the OBDM Celebration of Wool last year, (and promptly bathed it in creaming soda, along with my phone). Mine’s been earmarked for a featherweight cardigan since I bought it, but my Avalonnë and other bits and pieces meant that I hadn’t got around to it. Until now.

I saw Dr K’s progress and immediately suspended production on all other wips, went stash diving and pulled out my tom-the-hot-farmer polworth silk, weighed it and did some calculations. I’ve 195g of 4ply polworth silk, and, looking at what others have done to mod the featherweight smaller… I think I can do it. And I’ve bet mom that I’m going to do it in 2 weeks. This cardigan (which I’ve called Haleth, and will explain why during the FO post – yes it is a Silmarillion reference) needs to be an FO on the 1st May 2010. Here’s hoping. I’m 8 repeats in and already in love with this yarn. It’s amazingly soft and the stitch definition is sublime. I’ll chart my changes to make this a 34″ cardi as it progresses, so we’ll see how it all goes. (I hope DrK doesn’t mind my being a copycat… but she spurred me into action.)

I’ve been looking at my wips, and I can’t say I’m feeling much love for my geodesic at the moment. She is going well, and is beautiful but… you know. And I’m really enjoying my Evenstar, but feel guilty that I’ve so many other projects on the go, so I’ve made a decision. I’m hibernating her until the Tour de France arrives, and she will be my TdFKAL2010 project. I usually devote my racing time to one project, and then I can give her all the time she deserves (I’ll also just be editing by then, so I will have the time), and being mid-winter, I won’t be sweating all over my silk. And she’ll still be done in time for my graduation dinner (whenever that may be). Multnomah is going swimmingly, I’ve a row left before the change to the feather-and-fan, but I’m not quite done yet. I want to use up all 600yards of my colour changing cotton, so it’s going to be a bigger multnomah. But it too, can wait. And the next stolen moments – the stellar mirabilis… I should have frogged that moebius and done this a long time ago.

Time to get back to the cardi. I love how its knitting up.



  1. Oh I so don’t mind, I can’t wait to see how you go, and the mods you make. It will really suit you too. And isn’t it such lovely soft yarn. I can even smell the farmer!!

  2. Seriously, Dr K has been such an inspiration on this. I am thinking I will get some from Tom the Hot Farmer, too – some yarn I mean, minds out of the gutter people! – and make my own! One featherweight is not enough!

    The idea of you doing one in two weeks is thrilling. GO GO GO!

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