Photo op…

As promised… Here’s a rather oddly proportioned photo of me lying in my stash….

sweet, sweet, stash.

And here’s one of my most recent FO – another Ishbel in Waratah Fibre’s laceweight “Desert Sunset” bought at last year’s Celebration of Wool. It’s #4 in my 10 Shawls in 2010, and seemed to take forever (even though it only took 2 weeks or sporadic knitting). It’s knitted hug #2 for the year…

Alison's Comfort Shawl

And finally, my most recent WIP “Stellar Mirabilis“. It’s reclaimed Manos Silk Blend 100g (in Stellar) that I bought from iKnit in London in October 2008 that had been a mobius that I wasn’t wearing. I’m making another Stolen Moments because I’m really impressed at how versatile my Bobby Red is. And you see how it’s resting on a Ravelry Project bag? I bought a couple and some Unleashed Soak last week. I love these bags. I may get some more. They’re generously roomy and bigger than I thought. Fantastic!

Stellar Mirabilis - wip

It’s been a long day so I’m looking forward to a nice, early night. I’ll update some more later.




  1. Now that’s a nice bit of stash you have there 🙂 Much larger quantities of each colour/yarn than I have in mine, probably because I mainly make little things. Maybe I should look around at some bigger things to make so that I can justify increasing the size of the stash. Just thinking out loud.

    1. I’ve got lots of one and two skein collections, with maybe 4 or 5 larger quantities of specific yarns… Now just to do something with them.

  2. oh look at you in your stash! nice photo! and another lovely ishbel, youre getting quite good at those. one can never have enough project bags, maybe i should order some too 🙂

  3. wooo hoo! That photo just says so much! I love it! Good on you!

    Ah Ishbel. I will try her again. I really will. Nice use of the laceweight!

  4. I’ve never tried Ishbel. She’s beautiful. You’re doing well keeping up with the 10 in 2010! The stash photo is great. You look happy rolling in yarn

    1. Admittedly, I’ve been wondering what it would be like to roll in yarn for a while. I found myself scared of squishing it, funnily enough… 🙂

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