Any dream will do…

Goodness… Is it April already? It’s definitely autumn here. The poplars have been blown naked by a howling gale we had a few days ago, and the oak tree at the local sports ground has started to change colour. The end of daylight savings has also disrupted the lovely evenings we were enjoying, and cool nights and crisp mornings have become more frequent. And the light has changed. It’s been quite marked… but then, I haven’t been home to watch the seasons march on for years now, so I am noticing all the changes and enjoying them.

I also received all my worldly possessions in 6 boxes on the 1st. There is a photo of my rolling in my stash, which I will post when I figure out where I put my camera… I think my mother finally understands what I mean by “stash” now. And I really do need to be knitting from it.

On the Pensky file – I’ve one more chapter to write until the draft thesis is complete. Actually, I have half a chapter to write, I’m just feeling like a ten-tonne truck hit me so I’m taking it slow there. But I’m feeling good about it. I think I have my thesis title sorted, I’m just knocking around with the subtitle and how each chapter related to it. Stay tuned for further updates there.

On the knitting front, I’ve 5 rows left of an Ishbel comfort shawl to finish tonight, and I’m several rows into clue 2 of the Evenstar and starting to enjoy myself. The silken thread I bought from Knitabulous is just a joy to knit with, and it looks like I’m knitting with spun silver! Perfect! The geodesic is progressing though the waist shaping at pace (I got a lot done watching the Syfy’s version of Alice. As somebody wrote and I agree with “The kids can have Jacob and Edward. I’m Team Hatter”. Team Hatter indeed.) The multnomah is nearly at the feather-and-fan stage, and that’s going to be my travel project for my day-trip next week… Yes. I have a few things on the go… but I’ve that itch to cast on something else. *sigh* Patience and restraint. Time to finish a few things before I start some more.

I’ll also see about getting that cobblestone photographed. And now, dear reader, I need to be watching the Blendy site. 4 minutes until the sample boxes are released… *grins* wish me luck!



  1. Did you get a box??? And where’s the photo of you rolling in your stash?

  2. oh that’s a photo that’ll be worth waiting for!

    Please write about NZ weather any time – it always sounds so blissful, no matter what the season!

  3. I want to see the photo of you rolling in the stash, too. I have 1 sweater, 3 pairs of socks and one shawl on the needles. The urge to cast on something new is overwhelming but I want to finish something first. I get nervous with too many projects going at once.

  4. yeah photo, photo photo! it is cooler here today finally, and i got a shiver as you were describiny your changes! im glad you are home and working so well on Pensky, you are sooo close now and then you will be FREE! thinking of you xx

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