a touch of autumn cleaning…

… means the room as been re-arranged, the papers have been filed, the desk has been tidied and the 3-month-plan has been reviewed. (Also there may or may not have been some thinkgeek purchases to make up for the lack of shopping in Wellywood… put that’s another post).

I’ve done a few more rows of the Evenstar, and from all the photos of those who are up to date, it is going to be such a pretty shawl, but I’m not quite loving it… yet. It’s going to be my pick-up-and-put-down piece, I think. I’m adhering to a policy of project monogamy at the moment – I should get the second cobblestone sleeve done by this evening, and then the yoke can progress in earnest (and the geodesic can get a look in…). My stash is now in the country (yippee!), but I’m at the mercy of customs and MAF to clear my stuff and get it along to me.

Other than that I’ve been working. And that’s what I’m going back to…. carry on. 🙂


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  1. Ah thinkgeek…what a happy little webpage that you introduced me too…yay

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