On the topic of Mount Doom as the thesis analogy…

Just one foot in front of the other....

Yes, that really is Mount Doom. This photo was taken today at the Tongariro National Park, where Mount Ngauruhoe (it’s real name), was steaming merrily away. I think it encapsulates how far I still have to go quite nicely, don’t you?

Wellington was great. Fantastic to catch up with some really good friends. Neil Gaiman was amazing! He read us poetry and bits from American Gods. Such a wonderful story-teller. Oh, and his comment on Shakespeare and his soliloquies got a big round of applause (there are certain blog-readers out there who would have *loved* what he had to say about Shakespeare. You know who you are). The second test sock was finished, and now I can knit other stuff guilt-free (but only as a reward).

And I will tell you more later… but I am very tired. Still. It was verily worth the trip. Far too short a time to be there, but it was worth every second.



  1. such an apt picture! Just great. You can do it!

    Glad Neil was so good. A pity Amanda was cancelled. I read that on twitter I think.

    1. No, she played – I just got in too late. I’m told it was very well done.

  2. heh, i love this analogy, like you are frodo and the thesis is the ring hanging around your neck. we hates it we does! glad you had a great weekend though xx

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