You can’t take the sky from me…

Some of you may have noticed a lack of activity on this blog. This is due to a lack of activity in general. I’ve been feeling ill, drained, exhausted – mentally and physically: and the need to do nothing, compounded with the stress that I have been doing nothing, has not been good for me.

Mom gave me a bookmark with a T.S Eliot quote a few months back that is currently reminding me that Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time. I think it’s lying. I have greatly enjoyed watching the Ice Hockey, the cricket, the rugby, the soccer, the 2 episodes of Firefly and various bits and pieces on tv, or reading my friend’s novel (it shows great promise), or knitting the body and one of the sleeves of my father’s cobblestone, or working out why my last two chapters weren’t working, but the fact that I haven’t been productive (apart from some mindless in the round knitting) means that I have been wasting time.

That desire is not there for me to finish this is quite frankly worrying, and, as has been pointed out by one who knows exactly what she is talking about, this may just be that “Mount Doom” period of the thesis, and I think she’s very, very right. So I’ve taken heart, and managed to get some section done today, and should get the next section done tomorrow. I’m almost excited about that. I want the Summa done by Friday morning.

I need to have it done by then.

Because on Friday afternoon, I hop on a bus, travel 7 hours down the island to the wonderful world of Weta-ville (aka Wellywood/Wellington/The Windy City), to see one of the three (demi)gods the world has to offer. Neil Gaiman. If I’m able to work it, I should even be able to see his lovely fiance Amanda Palmer who starts her gig 45 min after I get in… (The other two demigods are Joss Whedon and ‘Sir’ PJ – I’m only talking lit and entertainment here). A fun-filled day in Wellington (while there’s cricket on *sob*) will be had by me, and possibly those I am able to hunt down to entertain me, and then I’ll finish that other sleeve/sock/more geodesic on the way home on the Sunday. A good time shall be had by all. And this is something keeping me somewhat sane.

So there you go… some insight into the mad world of a stressed out caffeine faerie. I think I need some worry beads…



  1. Oh enjoy seeing Neil! We saw Amanda Palmer last night and in the Q&A session I got to ask her about whether she and Neil hang out with Tori – great worlds colliding kind of stuff.

    I hope it boosts you and helps you feel a little more inspired and connected.

    1. Thanks! That’s so exciting – I’ll make the extra effort to go and see her then. 🙂

  2. Oh, I so wish I were there to see Neil Gaiman too! Oh well… And just keep Sam’s advice in mind “Now for it! Now for the last gasp!” Such an eloquent hobbit.

  3. I can picture you slogging up mount doom…..Just don’t throw the thesis into the crack. Walk slowly away from the crack.

  4. Your description of how you’ve been feeling was so much like my own this winter that I had to check to make sure this wasn’t my blog. I hope that seeing Neil perks you us some!

  5. it is mount doom but i swear it has a summit and its not as far off as you think. one foot in front of the other! and what a great weekend you have planned! enjoy, you totally deserve it xx

  6. That day to Wellington sounds awesome. Maybe that’ll get you out of your funk. A day out of fun always helps me!

  7. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    If the thesis is feeling Mount Doomish then that is a sure sign you are coming to a transition point…something along the lines of less left to go, more done. I certainly hope so. Best Wishes for a speedy transition and a spectacular downhill!!

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