Ah Canada!

Once upon a time, when my brother and I were two bricks and a tikki high, we has a commodore 64. The most beloved of our cartridge games was an ice hockey/NHL game. We played it for hours and loved it. I rediscovered just how much fun (and how technical) ice hockey is whilst watching the Olympics (and hey, I enjoyed the curling too) – seeing the names of player’s I’ve read about on the ice and playing – Ryan Miller, Alexander the Great, and of course, Sid the Kid. I missed the round robin game where the US sank Canada 5-3, and I wasn’t going to miss the final for the world. And boy, what a final it was. I had been hoping that Sidney Crosby would score the golden goal to win for Canada, and he didn’t disappoint, it just took him a bit longer than I would have liked for him to pull it off. Ah Canada, we the kiwis think you’re just the best, and what a way to finish off a really great couple of weeks of sport. Thanks for that, and I’ll be keeping an eye on a number of snow and x-treme sports I watched. (I even managed 3 inches on the cobblestone from the excitement of the ice hockey. It was great.)

The cricket last night too was fantastic. For a 21-year old to bowl bang on the money like he did for 11 of 12 balls is remarkable. I wouldn’t want to play poker against him. And the batting, and the boundaries! Admit it Australia, that’s the best game of cricket you’ve had in a long time. Hell, it’s the best game of cricket we’ve played in a long time too. That was great fun. A sock was finished and some cobblestone knitted too. I’d be where I need to be for the sleeves now, but after measuring and deliberation, I probably need to add 2 more inches for some decent length.

And I won’t talk rugby here. Ah. The seasons are changing, the winter sports are starting, I can start looking at my warmer clothes. Life is good.

And to summarise, here is a recap of my February…

February: 365-2010

March is going to be the month of the cardigan, the shawl and the jumper. It’s also going to be the month of the thesis draft and thesis editing. The countdown begins.



  1. Giant floating mooses… I couldn’t ask for more from the closing ceremony! I’m going to miss all the mad people jumping into the air and the skating pile-ups!

  2. why are you not going to talk rugby? is it because you are beating me in the tipping competion, which after this week wouldnt be hard. it certainly cant be because you are backing a DUD team like the waratahs, at least. sigh.

    1. I was trying to be polite and not gloating. My fantasy 15 on Fox Sport and my tipping is going well, but we’re only 3 weeks in…

      The tahs played well on the Weekend… what are you talking about?! You could always claim the Brumbies, I’d punt on them being in the top 4 at the end of the round robin…

  3. I had a great time watching the winter olympics, although I was rather sad about the hockey result. Oh well, it was a great tournament!

  4. I had a commodore 64 as well. My favorite game (besides Tetris which I still play on my computer) was Boulder Dash. Totally addictive game.

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