Can’t speak, can’t think, won’t walk, won’t talk*

*MSP’s Tsunami.

Like everywhere else in the Pacific Rim, we woke up to a Tsunami alert this morning. While the tides have actually done some interesting things, nothing has really happened here on the East Coast of NZ. The morning was spent watching the tv for the waves to hit Hawaii, and our own Geonet to see what the tidal buoys were sending in.

As for the silence, it has been transcription from here to eternity, and there is still more to go. We shall not talk about it.

In the knitting, the Geodesic Cardi has been cast on, and the colour is amazing. The Evenstar has been cast on and that was a nightmare unto itself. Let’s just say that Addi lace needles + silk = nightmare. Normal addi turbos + silk = good. I haven’t it the K73togs yet with the needles, and it’s not far, but we’ll see what I think of them then. The silk thread is a dream, the pattern is looking good – I’ve had an eye on those who are all so far ahead of me, and I think I’m just going to enjoy the ride now. I want to have the body of the cobblestone done this week so I can knit the sleeves in the bus to Wellington to go and the one, the only, the ineffable Neil Gaiman. Excuse me while I turn into a giggling fangirl for a moment. Okay. No, seriously, I think I can manage to get at least one sleeve done during the bus trips, and then it’s on to the yoke – very exciting. The test knitting socks – I should probably get the one finished this evening, there’s not much more to go, and again, Vintage Purls is just gorgeous to knit with.

In everything else, life goes on. I’ve still not defeated that bug I caught on the plane back from Aussie, and I continue to read and write and dream about life after the PhD. I also really need to find myself a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, to keep. Maybe next pay day. It is one of the best books I’ve read, and I’ve found myself thinking about it more frequently as I start to try conclude the thesis. It’s a brilliant novel, a chapter-by-chapter read if you don’t want to inhale it, and one that, despite its title, would appeal to many. I’m waiting for a “Zen and the Art of Stocking Stitch” version. Same, but different.

Anyway, I am alive, and well, and watching the sun change its course to a more autumnal route through the trees and my window. There needs to be a chapter finished this week, and knitting to do. In fact, there’s a Twenty20 on in 25 minutes, and I need to decide what to knit… socks it is, I think.



  1. Geodesic looks so much fun!

    Glad you are alive and well my dear. Must email you re that article.

    I felt a little tug when you mentioned evenstar but then decided i value my sanity more.

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