Back again!

What a week last week. I got caught in Melbourne’s deluge, consulted and workshopped at Melbourne Museum (a real eye-opener, that one), and repacked up my stash and worldly belongings to have them shipped over to the Land of the Long White Cloud. It’s been a period of high-stress and lots of emotion, but, in the end, everything seems to have worked itself out smoothly. My post-PhD future remains a mystery, but forms and figures are starting to emerge out of the gloom. When things become clearer, I’ll let you know. But for now, I’m a freelance knowledge management consultant without a job, and a nearly there first draft on a PhD, and a serious yarn habit. I’m happy with that.

On the FO front, there have been some developments: namely a finished Swallowtail (with nupps) in Kid Silk Seta, which has since been gifted (photos and inform in another post); my Bobby Red stolen moments wrap in the Malabrigo Merino Silk Ravelry Red that Bells gifted me for my birthday. I used all by 25cm of the 2 skeins and it’s currently blocking at 13″ (33cm) by 93″ (236cm). It is beautifully light and warm, and the latticework opened up so well (photos and blogpost to come); and Mom’s purse. The body is done (let’s hear it for knitting on flights, huh?!), now just to line it and add handles. I’ll do a post for that pattern, because it is amazingly easy and can be adapted to any shape, size or stitch pattern.

What’s left? Dad’s cobblestone, the test socks, and the Evenstar (when the silk arrives – the postal system seems to be against me). So I’m thinking of casting on the other Henry (which I was going to do for the Ravelympics) and getting it out the way. I really enjoyed the last one I knitted, and I have been looking forward to getting this one done. I bought some Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran for this many moons ago, and it’s time to make some space in the stash so that I can add more stash. In fact, I may start that tonight.

So, I may as well get things underway. Until next time. There will be photos. I promise.



  1. I am very glad to hear you are back and okay
    , I hope everything was alright…I very much want to see pix of stolen moments as I am thinking of copying you. And as for the future, one step at a time. I think you will be amazed where it takes you…

  2. You never know where you’ll end up careerwise. I certainly didn’t start out wanting to be a social worker. (actually, I wanted to teach English to kids in France but I met my husband and well, that wasn’t a viable plan anymore!)

    You have been really productive! I am stalled in the evenstar-that drat circular cast on…….

    1. It is fiddly, isn’t it? Especially with slippery thin lace. I’ve decided to use the Emily Ocker cast on… and I’m practicing hard on it.

  3. Did you cast on? I’ve got to try the Evenstar cast on another couple of times, I think… I’m actually casting on fine, really… it just looks messy on the first round. Which possibly isn’t fine…

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