Tuesday’s child is full of grace…

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve discovered that if I tell myself I need to wake up at 7, I am naturally awake at 6.30. I have also discovered if I just lie in bed until 7 then, I get very tired. If I get up when I wake up, I’m not. Will investigate this again tomorrow morning to confirm my hunch.

As for the needing the extra sleep/exerting brain. I think you’re all entirely correct too. I’ve resigned myself to having the text of the chapter done by the 9th, but not quite the transcription and the editing. I don’t really need to kill myself getting Earendil done because half the chapter is also there, same with the introduction. So really, I’ve only 3 halves to go on the first draft… Not to bad for having completely changed topic 13 months ago. The saint who edited my MA has also volunteered to be brutal on my draft, and as she knows the topic – this is both a relief and somebody in desperate need of a shawl to say thank you. It’s funny how angels appear just when you really need them.

Speaking of angels, my poor guardian angel is going to be on edge tomorrow. It’s my first *real* driving lesson. Sad, I know. I’ve had my NZ learner’s licence for 9 years 9 months, and it expires in 3 months time. I should probably do something about upgrading to a restricted licence (like a P-plater, but not. As in you don’t have P plates and 2 levels of P licencing). I’m not quite sure what the deal is (if any) with learners over the age of 25 (other than you don’t pay an insurance premium)… but what the hell. I need to at least get this little piece of freedom. Sure, I could continue to walk everywhere but having your licence is important. And I’m terrified of driving. But this is the lady who taught my brother, and all my friends and most of the people living in this town so I’m sure she can teach me. Anyway… fingers crossed.

I also have an education thesis on the professional development of teachers and its effects in the classroom to read (it really is very interesting… but then I’m going to be in education for life), and a novel to read/edit written by a very good friend after much nagging from me and it’s quite a page turner. I won’t say I’m pleasantly surprised because I know her writing and I know she’s good, but I will say I’m not having to use that much red pen yet… there’s still a good 180 pages to go though. So I’m allowing my brain to process and trying to avoid burn out. These manuscripts are two ways to do it. It’s so nice to be reading something different too!

On a yarn note, I was very naughty and bought some of this. Two actually, of the 4 ply colours – and ladies in Australia take note – it’s cotton. Good for summer knitting. And its colour-graduation dying, so not quite variegation, but colour change. BUT I’m not allowed to touch it (once it arrives) until Earendil is finished.

While we’re on awesome Etsy things, I’m not quite sure how I haven’t bought anything from here yet. I’m going to – a necklace and possibly the studs. The conundrum currently is what colour to get… And I need to make it a reward too. But how cool is that?!

And I keep looking at my ravelry queue and dying to cast things on. I only made it through 2 rows on the swallowtail at the SnB this evening… those damned nupps in kid seta on harmonies… not fun. I may try nupps again not using mohair, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be quite happy replacing nupps with beads from now on. I can’t wait for this shawl to be finished. 2 shawls, one bag, one mystery knit and a cobblestone. Argh! I’m trying to make that one mystery knit and one cobblestone and one KAL sooner rather than later, but the overwhelming urge to create a cocktail bar of shawls is growing (Mom announced today that I have enough shawls. I have 3. Is this enough?! I didn’t think so. I tried to give her my “you’ve got to be kidding” look but I think it may be broken).

Also, my Winter/Spring 2010 Knitscene has arrived in Melbourne and I’m looking forward to picking it up. Three Connie Chang Chinchio patterns and some lovely cardis and shawls… Not quite sure about photography, but I think I’m going to use that beautiful Vintage Purls laceweight to make the Geodesic Cardigan. Then I can really get some wear out of that yarn.

Right. Time to read and sleep.




  1. 3 shawls? That’s peanuts. That will not fill out the bar. Glad you have some fun reading, though! I’d offer you some reading… but I kind of have to write it first. Sigh…

    1. Oooh… I’m thinking a Multnomah with the one, and a Haruni with the other… I bought the one colour specifically for the Haruni… so we’ll see what the yarn says when it arrives. 🙂

  2. Good luck on the driving test. You may not drive much but it is sort of a rite of passage.

    The cotton yarn is gorgeous and perfect for the hot weather.

  3. I am always in awe o fjust how much thesis and knitting you fit in and now you are reading stuff for others as well…..my hat is off to you!

    More shawls are required though because you wouldn’t want to wear out the three you have already have!

    1. My thoughts exactly!

      Although at the moment… there are not enough hours in the day… Maybe I could read and knit… hmmmm.

  4. did I know you didn’t drive? I just assumed you never did, not that you couldn’t. But now I think you did tell me and I forgot. Anyway, good luck! Gt out there on the road!

    1. Thanks. It was an interesting first proper lesson… so I’m not a complete loss. 😉

  5. i hated learning to drive but now i love driving. the sense of freedom is wonderful!! you are really working hard on that thesis, i agree i dont know how you are fitting anything else into that brain reading wise. and that cardi pattern is gorgeous, i love connie’s patterns! dont forget you have to make moutain view as well 🙂

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