Brother Pele’s in the back, sweet Zina’s in the front

Cruisin’ down the freeway in the hot, hot sun…

I remember listening to How Bizarre in my last year of primary school in South Africa. It still is a very catchy song. So it was sad to hear that the front man Pauly Fuemana died this morning. So young too. Just watched the music video for old times sake.

Speaking of endings and reminiscences… Here’s January in pictures:

January 365:2010

Now that’s I’ve switched to Beren, the chapter is flying. I’m aiming to submit it by the 9th of February (I’m putting it out there so people can hold me to it), and then I can get the second half of Earendil sorted and finally get things into place. The workshop handouts are all but done – I just need to decide on an order for the Powerpoint before I send that off – but that can wait until tomorrow, so I’m feeling quite accomplished at the moment.

In knitting news, I’ll miss finishing Bobby Red in January, *just*. I’ve been writing instead. I went to my first SnB in this part of the world this past week and made a complete fool of myself by talking absolute nonsense. I was so nervous and being the obvious newcomer… you know how it goes. Hopefully they won’t run screaming this week, but we’ll see. I miss everybody over in Aussie. *sighs* Looking at finishing mom’s bag on the plane (it’s a nice, in the round project), and tossing up taking some socks along for the ride too. Heavens knows waiting in the departure lounge can be hell without something to do.

I also signed up for the Snow Queen KAL, so between my Evenstar (henceforth to be known as Arwenamin = the formal honourific my lady in Sindarin), and this second pi mystery KAL things are going to be interesting. This will be my second and third mystery shawl KALs (my first was during the 2008 TdFKAL which was a GoddessKnits pi shawl (Mandala) that had a choose-your-own-adventure style for each section, and I enjoyed every second)… but why do they always end up being pi shawls? Is it because every row is knitted?

Yet another one of those million dollar questions, I suppose. That reminds me. I knitted Mandala as a blanket… I really do want to knit it again as a shawl. Maybe I should add that to my list too…

As for this next month… February is looking to be mildly chaotic. Luckily things are starting to get something like routine to them, but I do need to do something about not being able to wake up in the morning… any suggestions?! I have contemplated some sort of jury-rigged alarm that would splash water on me, but the prospect of having to dry my pillow every day would get a little tedious. I’ve put my alarm on the other side of the room… but I just get up, turn it off, and go back to sleep… I mean, I’m getting eight hours – do I really need more?! It’s got to the point that I’ve had to get myself a notebook to go with the diary to write everything down before I forget it. I guess that means everything is back to normal.

Well, it’s just about time to get read to watch the FedEx Express play the Grumpy Scotsman. My brother the  sports buff is calling this a very, very close game. I’m just looking forward to entertaining knitting time.




  1. Will hold you to the Beren deadline! Too chicken to set one for Cinderella. Watching a bit of the tennis myself… they’re just walking on court now, so I should go and locate Westley. Great photos, by the way!

  2. bummer it wasnt a closer game. he is grumpy isnt he?! and a cwy baby. hehe. we miss you too, over here. but i would rather be over there. as for getting out of bed, do you have to take the dog for a walk or something before it gets too warm? as much as i hate it, moving in the morning helps me stay awake the rest of the day. glad the writing is moving at least xx

  3. another idea for waking up early is to get a daylight lamp. Set it to come on at the appropriate time.

    And somethign that works for me (although I’m by nature an early riser) is to actually tell yourself the night before that you are planning to get up at a certain time. Have a little chat with yourself about it, set out anything you need for the morning so you don’t have to fuss about it when the time comes, and see if your body clock starts to adjust.

    Also, you are depressed, or said you were recently, that means your body is craving more sleep so maybe there’s nothing you can do about it for now.

  4. Maybe you need 9 hours a night for a while. You’ve had a lot of emotional load lately, and that can wear you out, as Bells says. And thinking/writing is very tiring. Go easy on yourself.

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