Time to get serious…

…with my time and project management. Having had far too much of a break since Christmas, I’ve had a good look at what I’m supposed to be doing and when, and frankly, dear reader, I have many miles to go.

So I’ve tried to be realistic. The Ravelympics is just not going to happen. I’ve pulled out. I’ve an Evenstar Shawl that’s going to be on 3.25mm needles and silk thread, and a mystery test pattern to knit. Two graduation thank yous, my mother’s bag and my father’s cobblestone. Also, a few bits and pieces for me. Time to really start looking at priority knits there. (Still trying to figure out whether I can knit on international flights between NZ and Australia. Maybe I should just ask at the airport. There’s some valuable knitting time right there.).

Earendil is being a stubborn Mariner and not co-operating in the writing of chapters. I’m thinking of just letting him voyage aimlessly for a while and try catch Beren instead, he may talk. Otherwise I’m in trouble.

The workshop handout is practically in place. I just need to update a few slides and clarify a few points. This will probably take the weekend (when I should be working on Beren’s chapter and/or knitting and watching tennis finals).

And all the while, being conscious that I need to be building up a working wardrobe. So, I’ve bought a few chic dresses and, I’m really sad to admit it, some of those footless tights that I thought would be a fad and just die and haven’t. I hadn’t budged on principle, but, let’s face it: I don’t tan, and I don’t want to tan… and so I’m doing the world a favour and not blinding people while I enjoy wearing dresses and skirts I wouldn’t usually wear. The bit I’m embarrassed about is what took me so long? Possibly the memories of 80’s fashion and bicycle shorts in day-glo colours. Anyway, I’ve been dragged not all that unwillingly into the masses, but it’s not looking too bad. The moment I think about succumbing to pink acid wash denim, however, somebody shoot me.





  1. Some fashion mave said that if you wore leggings in the 80’s, you are probably too old to wear them now. I will admit, I wore them in the 80’s (with long sweaters and tunics) but have shied away from them this time around. For one thing I am in my 50’s and don’t want to look like a crazy bag lady and for another, they really only look good on thin young things (kinda like you. I’ll bet you look great!).

    Good luck with the writing. You can whip Earendil and Beren with one hand tied behind your back.

    1. Some say that if you *remember* the 80’s, you’re too old to wear them… not in this country! 😉

  2. i have resisted the footless tights too but have just in the last week seen a few (in summer heat??) that made me think there are reasons to consider them – when you want stockings but it’s too hot to have your whole leg encased seems like a good move to me. I’m going to get some.

    And I was amazed to see you left Evenstar on the list – I thought it would have to go! I’ve pulled out. I feel like all the problems she’s had getting it up and running are off putting and high risk.

    1. I’ve left it up because I’ve invested a significant amount of money in it. Yes, I have had some reservations about the difficulties in getting the swatch pattern up. The issues with the software aside, I’m thinking of knitting a month behind everybody else, that way, all the mistakes will have been ironed out by the time I get there, and I can see how the whole thing is looking… Susan’s lace is fantastic, but I do hope she knows what she’s doing. I can’t really say the swatches for the Evenstar I’ve seen have been mindblowing. The ringwraith shawl, however, is another story.

  3. I lived through the 80s… no leggings for me! And I’m okay with the Evenstar. I’ll inevitably be running behind anyway, so hiccups don’t phase me. And I’ve been through enough publishing disasters to know that it’s often not the creator’s fault and sometimes these things just don’t go to plan. Besides, she does produce such pretty shawls… I’m optimistic!

  4. I remember them but am wearing them again! They are great gym wear, and look surprisingly good under skirts and dresses, especially with a certain pair of shoes. I just don’t wear them with small tshirts as a substitute for pants! And goddamn they’re comfy. Go the tights! And I’m out of ravolympics too, like you said other things take priority right now. I think you can knit on the plane too. and I’m going for justine this weekend!

  5. You should be able to knit on your trans-Tasman flights. NZ hasn’t had a problem for ages, and Aus changed the rules at Xmas.

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