Whispering Leaves – FO

As promised, here’s my Saroyan – Whispering leaves in Vintage Purls “Whispering Thoughts”. I used the 4ply sock with 4mm needles to get a nice drape and fluidity to the scarf. I’m very impressed with the fabric that the yarn created. I only ended up using 86g of yarn (I could have done another 2 repeats of leaves on the length with some to spare – each repeat was only 6g of yarn). I increased to 7 leaves, knitted 12 on the length, and decreased to the 11 stitches. A very easy pattern, and with a worsted weight as it calls for, this would be incredible. I will probably make it again in the recommended yarn. (I promise modelled photos when I’m wearing something that matches)

Whispering Leaves - aka Saroyan
A lovely drapey scarf - it blocked to 160cm
Pretty, but very drapey leaves - detail.

So this is shawl #2 of the 10 shawls in 2010. Not too bad – only 8 more to go!

On the thesis front I seem to end up discussing Lucifer as an integral part of literature at every turn. This is almost as bad as my now-9 year obsession with death and the fall in literature. I’m not sure whether I should be hugely amused or mildly disturbed. Oh well, if it helps me write…



  1. Oh, that’s gorgeous! I love the colour. As for Lucifer… just don’t start watching Supernatural.

  2. the leaves look lovely, what a gorgeous soft shawl that is. look forward to seeing the other 8! its all about death and The Fall you know – the symbols at the heart of human existence!

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