Well the night was falling as the desert world began to settle down…

We’re finally seeing the tail end of almost 3 days of near constant rain, thunder and sometimes hail from a huge front passing over us. It has been fantastic for the dairy farmers who were starting to get worried about feed and the cows drying up. Add to the weather feeling a little unsettled still, some tennis, U-19 cricket and the few live stages of the Tour Down Under (like we were able to see today), and there’s a recipe for knitting.

I finished Sayoran a few days ago, but since we’re sitting in 92-93% humidity, it’s not drying that quickly, so I’ll talk more about that when I have the photos to show. So I’ve cast on my next Stolen Moments wrap using the lovely mmmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo silky merino in Ravelry Red that Bells sent me as a birthday present last year. I’m using the DK with 8mm needles like that pattern calls for to open the lattice work up a bit. It’s feeling really awkward working with such big needles having spent so long with 2 and 3mm circs for so long, but it is growing at a pleasing pace. See?

"Bobby Red" - My stolen moments in Ravelry Red WIP

I’m going to try finish that swallowtail this evening/tomorrow and then work on the cobblestone and the wrap until the Ravelympic and the Evenstar KAL start in mid-Feb. Henry and mom’s bag shouldn’t take me too long, and then I can get some serious yardage on Dad’s jumper and the shawl while I wait for my stash to arrive in the country. Then the fun can begin.

I must admit, the black dog has turned up and nestled quite determinedly at the foot of my bed, and I don’t think it’s going to be going anywhere anytime soon. I’m doing my best to ignore it, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Oh how very frustrating. Time to try get some more work done. I have some knitting to do.



  1. Can’t wait to see your Saroyan. And just when I was feeling all productive, you whip out that list! 🙂

  2. I know what you mean about bigger needles and heavier yarn feeling strange. For a while there all I was working with were 2-ply lace and sock yarn. When I switched to worsted… gracious, it was HUGE.

  3. 8mm needles! Huge difference. It’s looking gorgeous though!

    Hang in there. Knit through it. If he’s only at the foot of the bed and not actually in with you, hopefully that’s more manageable. Are you gettting much running done with the rain?

  4. i am looking forward to my own ravelry red stolen moments too, tho the thought of 8mm needles is enough to make me feel slightly sea sick. you give that black dog a pat for me ok? hes there to protect you are the moment xx

  5. Keep an eye on that dog…….
    The Bobby Red looks so beautiful. I like the lightness of the pattern. I’m working on a grey handspun sweater at the moment. Probably not the best idea as we hit our grey season…..

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