Lots and lots of lovely stuffs!

I admit it. Getting my mom onto etsy may have been an bad thing for my bank account. But not my notions. And a whole bunch of stitch markers I bought from sunneshine arrived today with a handwritten thank you. How cool is that? And they were wrapped up so beautifully, until I needed to see my new markers… Wow. People – go and have a look at this lass’ stuff. She is fantastic. They’re all snagless and presented so well. See?

All beautifully wrapped...
... and unwrapped. Did you see the chocolate bars?!

And also arriving today was my New Zealand Yarn Sampler. It was very exciting. This lovely big blue box showed up…

I wonder what this could hold...

It was quite awesome, to open up a sample box like that. It makes me want to try for a Ewe Beaut or a Phat Fibre (next month). For a first box – it really was interesting, and seeing as it has been so popular, I’m quite excited about the next one. Look what I got…

alpacky, silk, toffee apple yarn, fibre, hand cream... sweet!

And to top it all off, I had great fun at the hairdresser’s today. See?

Do blondes have more fun?

Better photo when I have an FO to model. I certainly didn’t intend to walk out shades of honey blonde and caramel. Who knew a half-head of foils would be so dramatic? I still shock myself when I look in the mirror, so it’s going to be amusing waking up tomorrow morning and seeing blonde with brunette flashes instead of plain old brown. Anyway, it seems to have given me a kick that I needed, so here goes.

I’ve also managed to finish the body of Sayoran and will start the decreases tomorrow… I may even finish it then! There is tennis to watch, after all, and the U-19 cricket world cup (has been interesting). And yes, I chapter to write. Getting there…

😉 G’night!



  1. Blondes are having more fun (hey, I had to snap that one up before someone else did!). The sampler does look brilliant… now wish I’d caved!

  2. The hair colour is fantastic! And I love the big blue sample box. I hope you feel more inspired for the chapter now.

  3. Etsy is a dangerous place isn’t it!! So much lovely stuff on there.

    I don’t dye my hair, but I know a hairdo (cut, colour, whatever!) is a great booster! If you look good, you feel good, that’s what I figure – it’s never a waste of money! (me, I like a pedicure for the same reason!)

  4. I always feel good after a trip to the hair salon and I’m usually just getting a cut. Looking good is such a boost for the ego. And you had to top it off with a lovely surprise box. Nice package of goodies!

  5. oh i looove the hair, it would suit you totally!! and look at all those goodies. you are an evil rotten enabler…..

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