First FO’s of 2010!

Now that 2010 is truly under way and the first of the FO’s has been gifted, I can show off some of my knitting so far.

Thank you fetchings

Firstly, Thank You Fetchings (rav link). I made these out of Utiku Possum Merino 8 ply which was a joy to knit with. I made a few mods too – cast on 40 stitches, added an extra cable repeat at the cuff and knuckle (specs on my rav page), and added a thumb gusset. These are very light, and very warm. They were knitted to say thank you to the Magpie’s mother for having put up with us for a number of months last year, and I wanted to make some useful. It’s actually a part one of two, but part two is still in progress – more on that later.


The second is my first shawl of the 10 shawls in 2010 challenge, and part of my lazy lacy summer,  knitted in Knitabulous Fiftyfifty (which was amazing) on 4mm circs. Traveling Woman was a lovely, quick shawl. I added an extra repeat of chart A and still only used 75g of yarn. It blocked incredibly well too and I roped mom into modelling it for me. The colour on my monitor is pretty accurate. Really happy with it.

Kortirion detail

I’ve called it Kortirion because that was the original name for the Elvish city in Valinor. It’s streets are supposed to me covered with diamond dust and its supposed to be built out of marble, with shores of pearls instead of sand. The colour of this yarn and the lace reminded me of something I imagined in the architecture of the city.

I’m going to start a Sayoran tonight for mom, using mods for 4ply sock yarn instead of the worsted weight it calls for. I do like the look of the pattern, so I’m curious to see how it, and the colours in the yarn work. But more on that later. I have a metadata workshop to plan and some more chapter to write…



  1. Ooh you’ve done some gorgeous stuff Shelley! That travelling woman is incredible! Reminding me again it’s going to be in my 10 for 2010 as well. Just lovely!

  2. that isnt the oyster i sent? already knitted? no way!! it looks divine! as do the fetchings. i really must make some of them. and in some possum merino! great idea xx

  3. Kortirion is glorious!!! Great pattern, isn’t it? And brilliant in that shade!

  4. DANG! You’re getting things knit! Way to go! I love the mitts and almost bought some of that yarn when I was in Aus. But, I was scared of the opossum content. Now, I am sad that I did not get any. The shawl is a lovely color.

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