What would Audrey do?

My mojo is back, it slunk in last night and is currently hiding in a corner. I’ve been trying to coax it out with pieces of chocolate and promises of foot massages but so far, it’s not budging.

I think DrK is right the mojo will soon be replaced with the desire to just have this all over and done. Pity it couldn’t have waited a chapter and a half before bolting. At least you know the end is nigh when you’re proofing and editing until you can’t bring yourself to look at anything remotely related to your topic. With two full chapters to go, it’s a completely different matter. I’m at a loss for how to trick myself into making this all exciting again. The problem was, I took a day or so’s break over Christmas – I really shouldn’t have done that. Everything was going so well. And after that last chapter I wrote (and am really not looking forward to the comments, which I will receive when my panel come back from their respective holidays) the confidence is low.

So, I have had some fun on etsy and buying up yarn margaritas – giggling insanely all the while too. That has helped, and I think a wardrobe change is on the agenda too. This is a very important year for me – I have to think about joining the real world in some capacity or another. There are a lot of changes going on at Chez Faerie, which, sooner or later I’ll let you in on, but right now it all seems awfully big.

On the knitting front, I’ve just (after a week or so of umming and ahhing) joined the 10 Shawls in 2010 challenge on Ravelry, and signed up for the Evenstar Mystery Shawl KAL, which I am exceedingly excited about. I also needed something pretty much instant on the gratification front and therefore cast on a Travelling Woman (Kortirion) yesterday in the amazing Knitabulous Fiftyfifty I was given for Christmas by the wonderful DrK. I’m on my second lace repeat of chart A (I’m thinking of doing 4 A repeats). This yarn is incredible, and this shawl is going to be wonderful. I can’t wait to wear it.

Also signed up to the Ravelympics – I’m going to start and finish my Henry (a graduation thank you present for the Magpie’s Advisor/Angel) and mom’s purse (as a WIP) during the period. The Cobblestone is going along merrily and having nupped myself out with the Swallowtail (I think I stuffed up on the 3C and D charts, but it looks okay), I’m hanging off the final edging rows for a week or two – that was a lot of mohair to handle in one go.

It seems that the needles are flying even though ther words aren’t. There will be some balance sometime.

So what would Audrey do? I don’t know. I think a marathon of Audrey movies is needed to help me make that decision. (Also, I saw the Jane Austen Book Club the other day. I loved it!)



  1. this IS a big year for you, one you’ll look back on in years to come as pivotal.

    I signed up for 10 shawls in 2010 too and am not sure yet I can cope!! And the ravelympics, I’m ignoring. I feel overwhelmed and it’s only January!!

    Wouldn’t Audrey be wearing a smart little cashmere cardigan too, no matter what she decided???

    1. good point. I think I need a smart little cashmere cardi. I think this year I will knit my first cardi…

  2. I am impressed – 10 shawls – I am thinking but resisitng at the momeny

    I can’t wait to see your shawls – it sounds like you have a really bad case of the flu there. I also love the 50/50 and downloaded travelling woman yesterday!!!!!

    Good luck with your big plans

  3. yes. a smart cashmere cardi. in black. i did ravelympics but now i think it was a bad idea. and STOP showing me all these fabulous new shawls!!

  4. Cotton cashmere, the ‘Sunday’ 4ply from Morris and Sons, is a lovely soft yarn that knits up like a dream. And they’ll post it to you licketty split. But they don’t have black. Sorry…

  5. I came over here to see if you knew about the Evenstar knitalong, but you’ve already found it! I joined myself, I am very excited about it too. I’m actually doing custom colourways for it, if you’re interested you can email me .. no obligation at all .. just sayin ..

    Thanks for the compliment on the FiftyFifty, I am most flattered that you think it is evocative of diamond paved streets – ooh la la! I’m doing a featherweight cardigan in it right now, and it’s almost weightless.

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